Compart - Document- and Output-Management

Out of the Compart Laboratory

Jörg Palmer, Chief Services Officer, Compart AG
Andreas Pehnack, Head of the Basic Component Development Group at Compart AG
Dirk Haun, Head of the Test & Build Group at Compart AG
Thomas Funke, Managing Director, Compart Deutschland GmbH


The series of lectures by Compart comprise three presentations. First of all Mr. Pehnack will present the now traditional overview of the latest developments in base technology. New features and enhancements in the area of format filters are as much a part of this section as the further development of the basic products in the DocBridge Mill family. Following on from this, Mr. Haun will deliver an overview of the approaches and methods Compart uses for the creation and testing of new product versions. And finally Mr. Funke will give a not-to-be-missed live tour though the newly developed configuration options and user interface of the DocBridge Profiler. The concept he will present should set the direction for the development of user interfaces at Compart in the future.

Jörg Palmer

Jörg Palmer studied Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Stuttgart. At Compart AG he is responsible for Customer Services. This includes support for customers and prospects as well as the technical organizational support the organization provides to subsidiaries and business partners.

Andreas Pehnack

Andreas Pehnack is responsible for the development of Basic Components at Compart. He earned his degree in technical computing at the Technical College in Ulm. Active at Compart since 1998, Mr. Pehnack has been involved in the conversion software architecture since its inception. His particular interests are the high performance, resource lean conversion of various document formats.

Dirk Haun

Dirk Haun is the head of the Test & Build Group at Compart, and is therefore responsible for software quality control. Before this he was responsible for DocBridge Mill as a developer, he is one of the authors of the Docponent architecture. In his free time he is the custodian of the Open Source Content Management system that is used, apart from other things, for the Compart website.

Thomas Funke

Since the beginning of 2005 Thomas Funke has been in the Managing Director of Compart Deutschland GmbH (previously known as Compart System Integration GmbH). The company sells products for the processing of datastreams in the field of document and output management in Germany. These products originate mostly from the parent company Compart AG, but may also include products of other companies created to be complimentary to those of the parent company. It also offers consulting and integration services. Thomas Funke has many years experience in the realization of projects in this field, with a focus on eBusiness and Web Services. His specialties are the SOA architecture as well as various XML technologies.

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