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We participate at exhibitions and conferences all around the world. We also host the Comparting and the Customer Communication Days – the annual conferences for Omnichannel Customer Communication. Join us at our upcoming events to learn about the latest industry innovations, trends and technologies.


Compart Communication Day

November 15, 2023

Virtual CCM Conference

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– Video from past Comparting event in Europe

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Comparting 2024

German language event
Sindelfingen, Germany
14 - 15 March 2024
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Document Strategy Forum
The event for content management, customer communications
and CX strategies

May 22 - 24

Charlotte / USA

Compart, a leading provider of customer communication management (CCM) solutions, was excited to participate in the Document Strategy Forum (DSF'23) in Charlotte from May 22-24. The event was a premier conference that brought together thought leaders, experts, and professionals in the document management and customer communications industry.

At the event, Compart presented best practices in document composition, which helped organizations dramatically improve operational efficiency in customer communications by separating design and data elements. Keeping composition light and nimble by separating design and data while focusing on layout, pagination, and styling allowed for more adherence to marketing standards and communication automation opportunities. Compart's team of experts was also available at the event to discuss industry trends, best practices, and case studies with attendees. They provided insights on how Compart's solutions could help organizations address the challenges of digital transformation, regulatory compliance, and customer experience management.

Compart's participation in the Document Strategy Forum underscored its commitment to providing innovative solutions and services that addressed the evolving needs of the customer communication management industry. By sharing its expertise and best practices, Compart aimed to help organizations achieve greater efficiency, compliance, and customer satisfaction.

Presentation by Compart

Document Composition Best Practices: Separating Design and Data
Traditional composition practices usually require business users to design very technical processes in a composition tool, resulting in disjointed and confusing templates through an awkward collaboration with their technical teams. Through this process, marketing guidelines and standards are typically lost while moving through siloed communications that look different, feel different and provide significantly different experiences, creating a disjointed customer experience. In this session, we’ll discuss the benefits of keeping composition light by separating design and data and focusing on layout, pagination and styling, allowing for adherence to marketing standards and communication automation opportunities.

Learning Objectives:

  • A new approach for managing composition and template design in the customer communications management (CCM) process
  • How to simplify template design
  • Best practices to create complex composition automatically and/or guided interactive customer communications


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Quality Assurance & Risk Avoidance in Customer Communications

Date: expired

  • A technical demonstration that will highlight the possibilities and benefits of a software that can be used to easily run quality assurance comparisons on document output and communication management
  • A personal demo with a product expert is possible:

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Past Webinars - Request a Demo

Webinar: Automation & Interactive Communications

Date: expired

  • Live-Demo using DocBridge® Solutions
  • Modern CCM composition engine based on open standards and fully web-based

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Webinar: Next Generation Output Management - Think Big With DocBridge® Pilot 4.1

Date: expired

  • DocBridge® Pilot 4.1.0, the new release of the output management software for cost-optimized omnichannel customer communications, will be released at the end of February. After a short general introduction to the software, the webinar will show the most important new functionalities of the solution and explain their benefits for the user.
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Webinar: Why Accessibility Needs to Be the Standard in Customer Communication

Date: expired

  • Countless regulatory deadlines are pending for organizations to ensure that their services and communications are accessible to people with disabilities. These accessibility requirements state that any document, web page or form that an organization shares with its customers, needs to be easy to consume by a person with disabilities.
    This webinar will explain the importance of accessibility in communications from the perspective of the consumer, regulatory requirements and the commercial advantages that accompany compliance.
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Webinar: Communication That Impresses on All Channels

Date: expired

  • DocBridge® Impress will be used as an example to demonstrate the possibilities, benefits and use cases of a software that can be used to easily generate documents for every analog and digital communication channel.
  • A personal demo with a product expert is possible:

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