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DocBridge® Production Suite

Document Processing + Output Management

  • High-volume and automated document processing
  • Format conversion and print data preparation
  • Omnichannel output management and postage optimization
  • Document comparison and quality inspection
  • Monitoring of the entire document production process

Master your documents and achieve top performance in Output Management with the proven products of the DocBridge® Production Suite.

All You Need
for Your Output Management

Conversion and Processing
Quality Assurance
Central Letter Production
Central Print Management
Monitoring and Tracing

Achieve the highest possible degree of automation and full transparency in Output Management

Reduce the risk of misprints and mailings to almost zero - you decide what is sent, when, and to whom

Process large volumes of documents with high performance, even in complex processes

Operate all digital and physical channels via integrated interfaces

Bundle and sort individual documents and communications, control inserts, apply barcodes - rule-based, fully automated and cost-optimized

Reduce costs by making better use of postage discounts and significantly lower administration costs

Scale computing capacities flexibly according to mail volume through server-based virtualization

DocBridge® Pilot, a product of the DocBridge® Production Suite, provides you with optimum support in achieving these goals.

Conversion and Processing

Convert almost any document format for further processing

Prepare all common document formats for all analog and digital output channels in a way that is suitable for recipients

Analyze, modify, classify, index and convert high volumes of documents automatically and with high performance

Acquire more customer orders thanks to secure handling of all common formats - both on the input and output side

Integrate the software seamlessly and flexibly into your existing document and output management structure

Easily adjust capacity as required in the event of fluctuating or increasing volumes

DocBridge® Mill Plus, a product of the DocBridge® Production Suite, supports you optimally in achieving these goals.

Quality Assurance

Ensure quality in output management with automated document checking

Analyze and compare digital documents at both pixel and text level

Visualize whether and how changes affect the content and layout of a document

Define tolerance limits and areas that are excluded from the comparison

Ensure the handling of variable data in complex personalized customer communication

Prevent corporate design deviations and thus protect the brand identity

Increase productivity and quality by avoiding errors in document creation

DocBridge® Delta, a product of the DocBridge® Production Suite, supports you optimally in achieving these goals.

Central Letter Production

Integrate every customer letter into your existing central output management processes

Enable your employees in the office or in the field to create their ad-hoc customer correspondence remotely in familiar software and automatically transfer it to the central output management system

Easily connect almost any data-supplying application via numerous interfaces

Ensure the highest quality in customer communication through automated checking and configurable approval workflows

Reduce costs by eliminating decentralized printing, inserting and franking, reducing the number of departmental printers and making consistent use of postage discounts

Ensure seamless traceability of the communication history

DocBridge® FileCab, a product of the DocBridge® Production Suite, supports you optimally in achieving these goals.

Central Print Management

Control production printers regardless of format and manufacturer

Configure and control print jobs and input and output connectors centrally

Reduce manual activities by automatically assigning print jobs according to specific criteria

Shorten machine set-up times and optimize capacity utilization by sequencing print jobs with the same attributes

Optimize data streams to utilize the full print speed

Monitor the entire print production using a web-based user interface with integrated document viewer

DocBridge® Spool, a product of the DocBridge® Production Suite, optimally supports you in achieving these goals.

Monitoring and Tracing

Enables you to seamlessly track every document through the entire creation process

Collect and consolidate metrics from software applications and production systems

Monitor each individual document via an intuitive user interface with integrated search and filter functions

Visualize the entire process from pre-press to finishing in user-specific dashboards

Generate dynamic and user-specific reports

Proactively safeguard against non-compliance with production SLAs or exceeding production times using integrated warning mechanisms based on predefined criteria

Optimize your operations with a continuous 360° view

DocBridge® Auditrack, a product of the DocBridge® Production Suite, optimally supports you in achieving these goals.

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Simple integration
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Increased productivity
through automation and acceleration of processes.
Maximum flexibility
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Investment protection
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Customers and Projects

Over 1,500 companies worldwide use DocBridge® products to optimize their output management. Find out how they succeed in concrete project examples.


WWK Insurance
Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe
Swedish Police Authority
Allied Printing Service
WWK Insurance

WWK insurance reduces production costs per mailing

The solution collects the letters created locally by clerks from MS Word, validates the documents and transfers them to the central output management system. WWK benefits from:

  • higher process reliability thanks to the integrated plausibility check. The risk of creating incorrect documents is reduced to almost zero for the clerk.
  • higher productivity thanks to the elimination of non-specialist activities such as printing, adding inserts and enveloping.
  • reduced costs thanks to shorter processing times and the use of postage discounts.

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Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe

Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe achieves postage savings in the five-digit range

The Group is bringing its output management back in-house. Instead of a traditional print shop, a Group-wide "Competence Center for Print and Digital Media" was created. Thyssenkrupp benefits from:

  • a future-proof solution for all multi-channel document processing thanks to versatile interfaces.
  • lower costs thanks to better utilization of postage discounts and significantly lower administration costs.
  • a high degree of automation and clearly structured workflows. The risk of mixing up jobs, printing documents incorrectly or sending them incorrectly is virtually eliminated.

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Swedish Police Authority

Swedish police authority centralize document processing

By establishing a central printing center, the Swedish police are creating the basis for transparency and cost reductions in their document processing. The authority benefits from:

  • high performance and scalability - around 17 million document pages are printed and sent quickly and reliably in complex processes.
  • reduced costs thanks to automated pre-sorting and the use of postage discounts.
  • optimum capacity utilization through print job control.
  • greater transparency in document processing thanks to seamless shipment tracking.

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Allied Printing Service

Allied Printing Services creates almost one hundred percent quality assurance

To meet growing customer demands and to improve productivity and efficiency in production printing, Allied Printing Service implements automated document verification and conversion. Allied Printing benefits from:

  • additional customers, as almost all formats can be processed.
  • faster and more accurate document verification down to pixel level.
  • almost 100% correctness of documents thanks to more professional handling of variable data and the assurance of correct address information and barcodes.

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HDI monitors every single document

The insurance company is installing a system to monitor group-wide document and output management. The solution enables the seamless tracking of every single document throughout the entire creation process. HDI benefits from:

  • greater transparency in customer communication thanks to a 360-degree view.
  • all information on the life cycle of each document.
  • optimized processes thanks to threshold-based alerts that detect disruptions in dispatch or production at an early stage.

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