Compart - Document- and Output-Management

Barcode Management - Interface between Physical and Electronic Document Processing

Efficiently generating, reading, and processing coded and pixel-based barcodes

Are you a barcode master?

Barcodes run our lives. There is hardly an industry that gets by without them. Modern documents and output management systems must be able to reliably read, generate, and process barcodes, whether coded or pixel-based.

The problem is that barcodes are becoming finer and more intricate. Inkjet printing often leaves them blurry and illegible. Barcode bleeding, where the ink runs or smears, is a serious challenge. Print preparation for inkjet and laser technologies differs. In addition, scaled barcodes often cannot be read correctly.

In sum, certain mechanisms are needed to ensure barcodes are 100% readable, both 1D codes (barcodes) and 2D codes (QR codes) alike.

Put an end to poorly readable barcodes

The ability to read and generate any type or barcode is a must in modern document logistics.

Software solutions that seamlessly integrate barcode processing into the existing document management structure do provide support.

Compart barcode management solutions

  1. Years of project experience in barcode processing

    Compart has one of the most extensive barcode implementations in the industry in over 40 countries. DocBridge solutions are able to read, generate, process, and print the world's most widely used barcodes for a number of different data streams (AFP, Prescribe, etc.).

  2. Guaranteed readability of barcodes

    All Compart solutions contain algorithms to prevent barcode bleeding during inkjet printing. They guarantee 100% readability at all times, even if the barcodes are scaled.

  3. Concentration on core business

    Users of Compart solutions need not worry about setting up barcode processing. Compart provides the necessary know-how.


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