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Why Compart NA is All About Solutions (hint: It’s About Your Needs, not Ours)

From John P. Lynch, VP of Technology and GM Compart NA

John P. Lynch, VP of Technology and GM Compart NA

There was a terrific little moment last May at our inaugural Comparting USA event in Minneapolis. Only a few people caught it and I was lucky to be one of them.

We had two customers named Brian who were presenting on solutions back to back. The first Brian, Brian Price from MOHELA, did an excellent presentation on how he was using DocBridge Pilot to accomplish some of the things he needed to do. The second, Brian Murphy from IWCO, was at the podium showing how he solved some issues using DocBridge® Mill Plus.

From the back of the room I saw Brian Price lean over to a colleague and whisper, “He should use Pilot for that.”

I smile as I write this because it really doesn’t matter, does it? Brian Price has his preference and Brian Murphy has his preference. As long as the problem is solved, the workflow uninterrupted, the goal accomplished, how you got there is not really important.

Compart NA is doubling down that we can help you solve problems with your communication, whether it is in print, digital, workflow, track and trace, conversion, bundling, householding, e-billing, etc. We combine German-made precision software solutions and good old American ingenuity to resolve issues, strengthen your offering, make your operation more efficient and make every customer-facing document you send a more effective communication vehicle for you and your customers.

In this coming year we will help you track and trace jobs as they flow through your shop so that you can measure your effectiveness, tighten your workflow and make your shop more efficient. We offer the means to convert documents designed for print to digital, including universal accessibility. We offer the means for you to design omnichannel documents in a manner that is also universally accessible. We offer solutions to compare the many versions of documents to ensure that they carry the message you want them to carry to without mix-up and with full permission granted by all stake holders, a growing concern as printers continue to add marketing services to their offering. Omnichannel? No problem. Delivery efficiency—we have a whole bunch of solutions to make sure your process is efficient.

We have great customers and we are gratified by the feedback we get. As we embark on this year we will be traveling more around the country trying to help out more and more organizations deal with the now imperative need to deliver a great customer experience.

We can help you bridge the gap from where you are now to where you want to be. And we look forward to that opportunity.


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