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Corporate Design in Document Production

IT-supported QA programs guarantee 100% adherence to rules and compliance with design specifications for documents of all types

Who oversees the observance of corporate design specifications for your documents?

Most companies have adherence to corporate design guidelines in batch-processed documents well in hand.

But what about correspondence generated outside the standard process on someone’s local workstation, such as in complaint management or claims settlement?

Who checks such decentralized correspondence for compliance of the fonts, text modules, colors, logos and addresses used? Who oversees adherence to corporate design and prevents rule violations?

The fact is that on average 30 percent of all documents in a company are generated individually—and not all of them follow the rules. Compliance violations are myriad—an incorrect font, prohibited wording, or an outdated logo. And then there are the legal requirements the documents need to follow. In view of the increasing complexity of customer communication, verifying compliance with all the rules is an ever more difficult endeavor, especially if the process is a manual one.

Corporate design guidelines: reliably check every document

IT solutions help check every document against a set of defined rules—documents like transaction or bulk documents (invoices, termination notices, delivery slips) as well as decentralized documents.

The quality criteria can be freely defined for conformance with corporate design (layout, wording, etc.) and mailing (address accuracy, space for IT franking (data matrix code) and enveloping) as well as adherence to legal regulations on archiving, reporting, and data security.

Furthermore, these software solutions collect and bundle the de-centrally created documents and transfer them to the central archive regardless of their format, the program they were created in, or what physical or electronic channel was used to output them. When an employee sends a document from his or her workstation, it is automatically stored centrally at the same time.

This means seamless tracking of any process, because all documents are compiled into an electronic record regardless of whether they were generated automatically in a batch process or individually at a remote location..

Compart–Solutions for compliant and traceable correspondence

  1. Reliable tests

    The DocBridge family of solutions is able to reliably check any type of document (whether created in a batch or individually) automatically against various criteria, such as corporate design guidelines. The solutions work with any document format and are designed for both low and high document throughput.

  2. Highly transparent

    DocBridge solutions bundle both centrally and individually generated documents into one consistent instance. The entire breadth of correspondence can be tracked seamlessly.

  3. Flexible and future-proof

    The DocBridge family of solutions can be seamlessly integrated into existing output and document management structures, and their state-of-the-art technologies and continuous development make them a solid investment.

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