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Comparting 2019
7 - 8 November

The Forum for Omnichannel Customer Communication
Stadthalle Sindelfingen, Germany

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Comparting 2019:
The International Congress for Trend-setting Solutions in Omnichannel Customer Communication

25 Speakers | 2 Days | Users, Experts & Analysts | Networking | Demos

  • Focus: Automation, standardization and integration of communication processes
  • Wide range: Mix of international speakers with simultaneous translation, use cases and product demonstrations
  • Networking: Established specialist congress with many opportunities to exchange experiences

Stadthalle Sindelfingen, Schillerstraße 23, 71065 Sindelfingen, Germany


Thursday, 7.11.2019 | 9.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.
Friday, 8.11.2019 | 9.00 a.m. - 2.30 p.m.

Evening event:

MOTORWORLD, Graf-Zeppelin-Platz 1, 71034 Böblingen, Germany
Thursday, starting 7:30 p.m.
An exclusive dinner between extraordinary automobiles.

Agenda & Speakers


Our congress combines technology, product demos and practical use cases.

Simon Egerland
ALTE LEIPZIGER Lebensversicherung A.G.
DocBridge® Gear – Manual or Automatic?

Harald Grumser
Compart AG
Now That We Understand Digitalisation – What Comes Next?

© Fotograaf:

Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad
Brain Researcher, Memory World Record Holder
Artificial Intelligence – Can we Stay Smarter Than the Robots?

Dorothee Töreki
The Cloud Comes Slowly, but Strong

Robert Renner
Future of Your Cloud Business: Digital Media Safe and Flexible in the Cloud

Muhammad Ali Kazmi
From White Paper To Customer Communication: A KUBRA and Compart Success Story

Michael Meier
Canon EMEA Commercial Print Group
Integration of Multiplied Innovations – Doing it the Right Way

Jeremias Märki
Bridging the Media Gap Using Barcodes

Gottfried Busch
Volkswagen Financial Services Digital Solutions GmbH
Central Conversion Service

Thorsten Meudt
Compart AG
DocBridge® Conversion Hub – Intelligent Document Conversion with DocBridge® Gear

Dr. Francois Charette
Compart AG
Modern Web APIs: Design, Strategy and Economy

Guy Le Henaff
PDF 2.0 Turn Your Documents into Live Business Solutions

Jürgen Hausl
HDI Systeme AG
Transparency in Process Chain with DocBridge® Auditrack

Ulrich Pantow
Compart AG
KPI in Document Prcocessing (DocBridge® Pilot / DocBridge® Auditrack)

Chris Miller
How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Bring Order to Customer Communication’s Chaos

Philippe Filippi
Compart AG
Comparting Highlights

Simon Kryuchkov
brainsphere informationworks GmbH
Do You Know Your Customers? – Output Management Goes Digital

Andreas Wechsler
Compart AG
Easily Integrate Document Processes (DocBridge® Impress)

Kevin Wildenau
Future of Your Cloud Business: Digital Media Safe and Flexible in the Cloud

Dirk Hofmann
ALTE LEIPZIGER Lebensversicherung A.G.
DocBridge® Gear – Manual or Automatic?

Andreas Schiffer
Compart AG
Out of the Compart Lab – Citius, Altius, Fortius

Eric Lemarechal
PDF 2.0 Turn Your Documents into Live Business Solutions


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Stadthalle Sindelfingen, Schillerstraße 23, 71065 Sindelfingen, Germany


Thursday, 7.11.2019 | 9.00 am – 6.00 pm
Friday, 8.11.2019 | 9.00 am – 2.30 pm


Participation fee 495 EUR plus VAT incl. catering, drinks and evening event

How to find us:

Directions to the Stadthalle Sindelfingen can be found here in Google Maps. Sufficient parking is available in the underground car park.

Demo spots:

Individual product presentations by Compart-Experts in the breaks or by arrangement.

Conference languages:

German, English and French (simultaneous translation)

Bus shuttle service:

Between the hotels, the congress (Stadthalle Sindelfingen) and the evening event (Motorworld Böblingen)


If you need a hotel, Compart has reserved rooms at special rates. Here you will find the hotel selection.

Evening event:

Motorworld Böblingen, Graf-Zeppelin-Platz 1, 71034 Böblingen. An exclusive dinner between extraordinary automobiles. Dresscode is business casual.

Contact us:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us personally. By email to or by telephone at +49 7031 6205-0.

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Review: That Was Comparting 2019

  • Focus: Effects of digitization on customer communication
  • In view: Structured company data - a treasure trove of knowledge that has yet to be discovered
  • On the market: Compart with new solutions as a basis for AI and Cloud in document and output management

Digitization - what's next? This question was the focus of this year's Comparting at the beginning of November in Sindelfingen, Germany.

The congress, with more than 400 participants from home and abroad, was more attended than ever before and highlighted the different facets of modern Omnichannel customer communication and the role of structured company data as a basis for automation and standardization in document and output management. This also involved current architectural approaches and models such as API Economy and Cloud. In special break-out sessions Compart also presented new products such as DocBridge® Conversion Hub and DocBridge® Gear with concrete application scenarios. For the first time the regular Doxnet member meeting took place within the Comparting 2019.

AI  Needs Eyes and Ears

The future of digitization and the associated new challenges in document and output management were the topics at Comparting in the Stadthalle Sindelfingen on November 7 and 8 this year. Around 430 users and IT specialists from 15 nations accepted Compart's invitation to attend the international congress for Omnichannel customer communication. The effects of electronic customer communication on the creation, processing and output of documents were discussed from various perspectives. The fact is that for companies and public authorities today it is no longer just a matter of simply converting documents or data, but of efficiently supporting complete business processes in the sense of stringent automation.

In order to be omnichannel-capable and to enable output on smartphones, for example, it is necessary to move away from the DIN A4 format as the standard for document creation. In general, the aim is to make content available from the outset in such a way that it can be automatically output or displayed on all analogue and digital media available today, including social media channels, depending on the business process and customer requirements.


Grumser: Computer Will Often Take Over Human Work

First it became fundamental in Sindelfingen. According to Harald Grumser, Compart-board member, it is undisputed that the computer will take over people's work in many areas.

"For thirty years we have been talking about Digitization, but the differences from the beginnings when data was entered manually are now enormous." The fact is that Digitization has changed society as a whole. Grumser: "A process that continues."

Construction Financing Made by Computer

Everyone is talking about Digitization primarily because several technologies have more or less matured at the same time. Keyword AI. But also the storage of data in the so-called cloud and the increasing use of language assistants were among them. According to Grumser, Siri and Alexa can now answer questions, even about events in the time before the invention of the computer, in almost perfect German.

In this context, he recalled the example of Google's Chatbot Duplex, which completely independently arranged a hairdresser's appointment by telephone and the employee in the hairdressing salon did not notice that she was talking to a person with artificial intelligence (AI) instead of a human being. But even so, according to the CEO, scenarios are now possible that were unthinkable years ago. Today, for example, an insurance company that has received a report of hail damage from a vehicle owner can find out over the Internet whether it was really hailing at the specified location at the time in question - to the minute.

According to Harald Grumser, the next step will be for the computer to take care of the tasks of the claim handler in the event of a minor loss. This also applies to small bills from private health insurance companies. Today, a computer does this more cheaply than a human being made of flesh and blood.

According to the Compart-chief, however, this is only the beginning. "We will experience it that the construction financing for an apartment or a single family house is made by the computer. Or: Instead of sending an expert by, motor insurers have long demanded a photo of the damaged area.

"Today," says the CEO, "the car owner walks around the car with a smartphone, sends a video or voice message to the insurer and prefers to expect an answer from them on WhatsApp."


Digitization Today: Ensure Structured and Centrally Available Data!

According to Harald Grumser, artificial intelligence is necessary for the automatic evaluation of voice messages and videos, although Compart does not see itself as an AI provider. But AI needs eyes and ears, and that is structured and centrally available data. With its solutions, Compart puts companies and public authorities in a position to obtain this data and use it for end-to-end process automation.

Harald Grumser considers the so-called unstructured company data; information on paper or electronically archived, but so far not "tagged" (keywords, cross-references), to be a great treasure of knowledge that will have to be raised in the future. "As a rule, only one percent of the data has been tapped and can be retrieved by topic. There is still considerable potential in the rest. We'll take care of that."

Dorothee Töreki also called on the participants in her keynote ("The Cloud is coming slowly but surely") to take more care of the "unused" data in the company and to use the knowledge it contains for value creation in general.


The Cloud Is Coming Slowly But Surely

The Digitization expert also highlighted the "disruptive" power of cloud technologies, which is often underestimated. According to Töreki, this has revolutionized the architecture of software and is the basis for today's digital platform economy. According to the speaker, a modern application has a modular structure and connects functions of different applications via open programming interfaces (APIs). The better the interface, the more valuable the software. This is what is usually referred to as API Economy. This would allow applications to be developed today at unprecedented speed and complexity.

Dr. Francois Charette also talked about the API in his eagerly awaited lecture. The Chief Architect at Compart gave an overview of the principles of API design. He explained the basic philosophy of the REST architecture and presented alternatives such as Graph QL, gRPC and other approaches based on the reactive paradigm. In this context, Charette also explained the challenges of API management in the "new" API Economy and discussed with the audience what good APIs mean for digitization and future business processes.

Another core topic of this year's Comparting was the possibilities of the "cloud". Harald Grumser: "In terms of cloud for document and output management, enormous progress has been made in the last two years. Two years ago, hardly anyone was interested." Today, on the other hand, demand for cloud-enabled solutions is growing - even at Compart, whose products are already running smoothly in private cloud environments and will soon be so for the public cloud version (SaaS).

According to Grumser, one reason for the increasing acceptance is also the stricter data protection guidelines, which facilitate the switch to the "cloud". Grumser: "The DSGVO has provided companies and public authorities with a high level of trust that is necessary to increasingly outsource data to the cloud.“

Simon Egerland and Dirk Hofmann from Alte Leipziger Lebensversicherung reported on their first experiences with the cloud. The insurer's output management system processes 50 million pages annually and makes them available for printing, e-mail and portal. The aim of a large-scale restructuring was to modernize the proven architecture on which the OMS is based on future-proof technologies.


DocBridge® Gear: New Generation Process Modeling/ Automation with API

In this context, Egerland and Hofmann presented the possibilities of DocBridge® Gear, a platform developed by Compart that can be used for cloud scenarios and that allows all processes of document creation, conversion, modification and output to be configured easily and customer-specific - independent of a specific (given) page format and based on raw data. Typical quality assurance processes (document check/comparison, validation, release workflows, etc.) can also be modelled.

The basic principle of DocBridge® Gear is the use of reusable worklets that stand for specific functionalities and sub-processes. These worklets can be very granular (small, manageable processes), but also very large (multiple nested processes/consideration of different complex criteria). Nevertheless, changes in the worklets can be easily taken into account without the need for time-consuming reprogramming.
DocBridge® Gear is primarily aimed at companies that deal with Omnichannel communication and are looking for a solution to seamlessly integrate various business applications on the basis of API.
Learn more about the features and benefits of DocBridge® Gear

DocBridge® Gear played a role elsewhere on Comparting. Thorsten Meudt, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) also responsible for product management at Compart, demonstrated various possible applications in the digital inbox using the example of DocBridge® Conversion Hub, a central platform for the automated conversion of electronic input of any format.

It became clear how DocBridge® Gear, due to its worklet architecture, can be used to integrate the "conversion service" into an automated overall process via DocBridge® Conversion Hub. What is ultimately behind it is the automated and standardized preparation via a special service, at the end of which "intelligent", i.e. generally accessible (barrier-free) documents are created, whose data is available for downstream processes of input management and thus also for AI scenarios.

More information about DocBridge® Conversion Hub as a central conversion service in the digital inbox


The next Comparting will take place on 19 and 20 November 2020 in the Congress Hall Boeblingen, Germany

Important note
Various webinars on the following topics are planned for 2020:

  • KPIs in document processing
  • Easily integrate document processes with DocBridge® Impress
  • Modern Web APIs: Design, Strategy and Economy
  • DocBridge® Conversion Hub: Intelligent document conversion with DocBridge® Gear

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Harald Grumser, CEO Compart


Harald Grumser: "Digital processes need access to the content of documents and artificial intelligence needs eyes and ears". According to Grumser, it is becoming more and more important to standardize processes and to obtain the data necessary for automation from the outset and to carry it with you or store it centrally. This will also be on the agenda at the Stadthalle Sindelfingen on 7 and 8 November.

International Congress for Trend-setting Solutions in Omnichannel Customer Communication

Comparting 2019

Innovation Networking

Comparting is an annual international technology forum for omnichannel document and output management that attracts companies of all sizes and industries. The two-day forum is particularly noted for its high-profile user reports from Germany and abroad as well as the wide range of topics. This year again more than 400 visitors from Europe and North and Latin America are expected. The forum features multiple tracks with proven technology sessions, a press roundtable for journalists and more than ample opportunities for networking. All lectures can be heard in German, English and French.

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