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Comparting 2007

A lot of Input about Output

Organized by Compart and held for the 3rd time on the 13th and 14th of September, the Comparting 2007 technology forum offered an array of highlights on the subject of input and output management - doubtless one of the reasons why the event attracted an even larger audience this year.

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More than 100 participants involved in this specialist area not only filled the auditorium, but also contributed to a lively exchange of ideas between users and suppliers.

Focus was put on the different enterprise strategies being followed by Adobe and Microsoft, in particular the issues of collaboration and communication with the customer. While Peter Körner (Adobe Systems GmbH) used LiveCycle® Enterprise Suite as an example of Adobe’s position, Peter Fischer (Microsoft Deutschland GmbH) presented the Microsoft view and approach with the Office SharePoint Server 2007 product.

Both these talks gave rise to a lot of discussion and were complemented by two additional presentations from a different perspective: Manfred Terzer (Kendox AG) laid out a systematic approach to the development of Document Management Systems (DMS) in the last two years, and mapped out the trends to be expected for what are now known as Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system solutions. Alexander Hoff, who has become well-known as an instructor and independent consultant for Adobe products, showed a somewhat surprised audience how various classes of consumer react to differences in color and the sometimes striking effect which color can produce.

Two user-oriented presentations showed in a very down to earth way, which circumstances and influences need to be considered when internal output management needs to be put on a new footing. Bernd Steglich (Compart System Integration GmbH) gave a lecture as a leading figure in the project implemented for Andreas Stihl AG & Co. KG: Migration to a central management system addressing the difficult issues of a parallel output system based on DocBridge Mill and LRS VPSX®. Holger Sawaloch from KKH reported on the motives and vision of an insurance company changing to an output management system based on the DocBridge Pilot platform and the hurdles and implementation problems which had to be overcome.

With his presentation on "Alternative Dispatching Channels" Andreas Wechsler (T-Systems DDM GmbH) described how the output channels and types of dispatching from output management systems had changed in recent years, and in respect of the end of the monopoly on sending letters, what challenges face print service providers and their infrastructure for output management.

That these changes effect not just the final process of every output management system was made clear in a presentation by Harald Grumser (Compart Systemhaus GmbH) "Where Is the Market Going – And Where Does Compart Go". Aside from alternative dispatching channels, the increasing use of color, the trend towards further centralization of individual printing, and the requirement for more flexible departmental output services lead to new languages and changes to other processes, as well as the need for new technical designs.

It is within this context that the new features and additions to Compart products presented by Andreas Pehnack (Compart Systemhaus GmbH) should be seen, changes which are in response to these requirements. One of the technical strengths of Compart products is the universal use of Unicode. Jörg Palmer (also Compart Systemhaus GmbH) explained this rather dry, sometimes not easy to grasp subject matter, to the audience in an understandable way under the title of "Why So Much Fuss around Unicode?".

It was left to Thomas Funke (Compart System Integration GmbH) to highlight the new features of DocBridge Pilot – the global output management integration platform from Compart product which processes, controls, and manages all document input and output datastreams, providing new possibilities for process optimization. His presentation was the crowning finale to the event and was responsible for a great deal of discussion among the attendees.

The evening event in the stimulating atmosphere of the Buddha Lounge in Stuttgart on the first day, again served as a welcoming opportunity to swap stories and make contacts.

The next Comparting will be held on the 22th and 23th of October 2008.

Comparting 2007
Comparting 2007
Comparting 2007
Comparting 2007
Comparting 2007
Comparting 2007

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