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November 15, 2023

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Vision vs. Value

Too many business leaders lack a clear digital transformation reason or agenda. Says one expert:“…they need to deliver results in the short term in addition to transforming for the future.”

Customer Communications Management

The transition from automated document generation to multichannel personalized experiences spans corporate policy, culture, processes, technology, and measurements. This session aims to explore how DocBridge® solutions from Compart can help bridge those silos and deliver transparency and accessibility.


Our experts will be sharing our technology roadmap and highlighting the latest developments in the industry. Learn how Compart is pushing the boundaries of CCM with our flexible and open standards-based solutions. Discover how you can improve your existing CCM processes with modular DocBridge® solutions from Compart.

Compart North America is fully committed to listening to the voice of the customer and delivering products and services that create material value for you and your customers.

Communication Days focuses on mission-critical, omnichannel customer communication. It functions both as a user’s conference featuring demonstrations and presentations for our valued customers and as an industry conference for organizations that are not currently clients but have an interest in improving the customer communications deliveribles.

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Compart Communication Days 

We are excited to announce Compart Communication Days 2023, taking place on June 27th and November 15th. Join us for informative sessions covering a range of topics related to document and content management, digital transformation, and communication processes.

During our June 27th event, attendees will gain insights into the evolution of Customer Communications and how Compart has grown to become a global leader of CCM solutions by bridging gaps in data and applications. Our microservices architecture delivers modular, flexible, and highly scalable solutions, and we'll showcase our expertise in creating accessible PDF from legacy AFP print streams.

Additionally, our innovative CCM visibility and transparency tool provides better insights into communication processes, and we'll share our vision for the future of CCM technology with an informative session on Compart's technology roadmap. Whether you're a customer or partner, Compart Communication Days is the perfect opportunity to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in communication technology. Our event offers valuable insights into the best practices for improving communication processes and enhancing customer engagement and overall business performance.

Stay tuned for more updates and detailed information on our website, and don't forget to mark your calendars for Compart Communication Days on June 27th and November 15th. Register today to secure your spot!

Brian C. Gasteier, President & CEO Compart North America, Inc.

Brian C. Gasteier, President & CEO Compart North America Inc.:
”In today's fast-evolving world of communication, the demand for flexibility and freedom is greater than ever before. People want to consume content on their preferred channels, and organizations need to be able to deliver content without being bogged down by proprietary systems or content. With everything moving towards the web, businesses must adapt to changing environmental, regulatory, security, and deployment requirements to stay sustainable and effective. At Compart, we understand the need for flexibility and openness in communication, which is why our solutions are built on open standards and designed to empower organizations to communicate efficiently and effectively with their customers. Join us at Compart Communication Days to learn more about how we can help you stay ahead of the curve."


Past Event Presentations

TIME (EDT) Topic Speaker, Company
12:00–12:05 pm Introduction & Welcome Brian C. Gasteier, President & CEO, Compart North America Inc.
12:05–12:30 pm Separating Design and Data for Future-Proof Communications Brian C. Gasteier, President & CEO, Compart North America Inc.
Philip Gyuling, Head of Product Portfolio
12:30 –1:00 pm Visibility & Transparency in Document Production Management Tim McKee, Professional Services Engineer
1:00–1:30 pm Delivering Accessible PDF Notices via Legacy AFP Applications Through Docbridge® Solutions Brian C. Gasteier, President & CEO, Compart North America Inc.
1:30–2:00 pm Vision, Strategy, Roadmap. Overview of Strategic Initiatives and Emerging Technologies Philip Gyuling, Head of Product Portfolio
2:00–2:10 pm Conclusion & Learn more about the 2nd Part in November Brian C. Gasteier, President & CEO, Compart North America Inc.

Upcoming Event: November 15

TIME (EDT) Topic Speaker, Company

The presentation topics for November 15th will be announced in time.  

Facts About Us

Stability + Innovation

Stability + Innovation

30+ years of experience with conversion. We are the most stable vendor in the industry.

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Shared Experience

We share our views with other users. Form a community that supports one another and shares tips and pointers.

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Strong Solutions

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Expert Staff

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