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Comparting 2010

Comparting 2010 Technology Forum with
Record Attendance Once Again

On the 23rd and 24th of September 2010, Comparting, the technology forum organized by Compart regarding document and output management, took place for the sixth time at CongressCentrum Böblingen. The event was internationally oriented for the second time, meaning the talks held in German were simultaneously translated into English. More than a quarter of the participants were non-German speakers from other European countries, South Africa, India and the USA, which contributed to the fact that the number of participants once again rose this year. Overall, the number of participants rose by approx. +20% to more than 240 participants.

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The mix of participants was similar to that of previous years: a large part were users who handle large amounts of documents. In addition, there was a considerable number of vendors from the industry. This combination led to lively conversations, which all involved found to be very informative and constructive.

This year, the opening talk was held by an expert with many years of experience in the document management industry - Bernhard Zöller (Zöller & Partner). "An Industry in Upheaval: From Black Dots to Enterprise Output Management" dealt with the current issues in the document and output management industry: regulations, the trend of moving away from static documents to processed content, integration requirements in DMS/ECM environments, E-letters and De-mail & Co: a brake or accelerator?

The interactive multimedia presentation by Mark Koch and Sven Körner (legodo), "Relevant Customer Communication: Rock Your Communication with C4 & Compart", covered the simple generation of written correspondence relevant from the point of view of customers and business partners.

The user presentation "Complex Processes Effectively and Quickly Implemented: Output Factory at RBS Coutts Bank" by Ulrich Battran (RBS Coutts Bank) and Robert Reichmuth (Docucom) described how it was possible to introduce an extremely challenging process control system for output management in a very short time with the new "Output Factory". This does not only control central printing, but also operates various electronic channels such as archives, eBanking, faxes, etc.

After lunch, the schedule split into two parallel tracks.

In Track A, Tino Rosner (edataprocessing) explained in his talk, "Production Planning and Control in a Print and Mail Room", how qualified production planning and control can be implemented, processing times optimized and sources of interference eliminated through production data acquisition.

In the following user presentation, "Transforming Output Management into Customer Communications Management", Jeroen Huinink (Aia Software) reported how organizations can optimize communication with their customers by combining various output channels in a logical way.

In Track B, which was running simultaneously to Track A, Bernd Steglich from Compart presented in his talk, "How Many Goals Did Diego Maradona Score at the 1982 World Cup in Spain?", by means of a Google search how metadata (data about data) can be transported and processed in the different data formats used in DMS and OMS systems.

In the technological presentation which followed,"XML: A Technology Penetrates the Entire IT", Jeremias Märki (Jeremias Märki Software-Entwicklung und Beratung) showed that XML continues to penetrate and spread throughout the output management environment.

According to the participants' opinion, the highlight of the presentations was the talk "From the Compart Laboratory", held in front of all participants in a common room by Compart employees Jörg Palmer, Andreas Pehnack, Frank Becker and Bernd Steglich, which presented and demonstrated to the audience not only the newest product developments, particularly the support of the E-letter as a module in DocBridge Pilot and the underlying fundamental technologies, but also addressed the issue of innovations in training as well as the newly-created customer area on the Compart website.

This year, the evening event took place in the Meilenwerk in Böblingen. In the participant evaluations, the pleasant ambiance was very well received and made for many interesting conversations in a relaxed atmosphere.

The next day was opened with a talk by Harald Grumser (Compart) titled "Barrier-free Documents Are Also Accessible Documents: Why Political Correctness Realistically is Becoming More Important". The talk presented legal, technical and theoretical foundations as well as scopes of action and migration guidelines.

Wolfgang Eckert (Deutsche Post) showed the essential efficiency enhancements in document processing in his talk: "The E-Postbrief of the Deutsche Post: the Future of Electronic Written Communication". With an E-letter, documents can be exchanged without media transfer between the sender and the receiver confidentially, reliably and securely.

In the user presentation which followed, Peter Somu (Zen Systems) described how Compart products can be used to analyze and improve the quality of print data streams.

Prof. Dr. Christian Stetter (semantics Kommunikationsmanagement) showed in his talk, "Comprehensible Language in the Automated Text Generation Era", how language can be organized using the methods of modern philosophy and linguistics to make it understandable so that written communication can be changed from a cost factor into a factor promoting productivity.

In the product presentation "Precision Marketing & TransPromo: New Development or Old Wine in New Bottles?", Jürgen Krebs (InfoPrint Solutions Deutschland) described how proactive communication, combined with individual customer benefit, can become a turnover generator and an efficient channel of distribution in times of budget constraints.

The user presentation "Increasing Service Levels while Decreasing Onboarding Time for Customers" by Mike Miller (DST Output), which described how new customers can be efficiently integrated into an existing output management platform with Compart products, was the final presentation of this year's Comparting.

The main topics regarding PDF/A, E-letters, color printing as well as Compart solutions and services were presented in the foyer for the first time this year at Comparting under the heading "Meet the Experts". During breaks, the participants took the opportunity to engage in in-depth discussions and exchanges with experts on these topics.

Comparting 2011 will take place again in the CongressCentrum Böblingen on the 17th and 18th of November, 2011. To make participation for non-German speaking parties possible, offering the audience simultaneous translation of the talks is planned again for next year.

Comparting 2010
Comparting 2010
Comparting 2010
Comparting 2010
Comparting 2010
Comparting 2010
Comparting 2010
Comparting 2010
Comparting 2010
Comparting 2010
Comparting 2010


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