Hybrid Mail

Centralization of decentral correspondence for print and digital edition

Hybrid Mail solution

Hybrid Mail is simply mail that is sent electronically from point A to a point B and then is transformed into a physical letter either in the central print room or outsourcer. The distance from A to B can be within a building or over to the other side of the World. At Compart we have a variation on this where the final delivery can be a physical letter, or letter attached to an email (but still tracked).

In the most common use case Hybrid Mail is used to avoid staff locally printing and fulfilling documents. Often it uses already purchased, regular document creation tools, like MS Word, and then enables documents to be sent from PC workstations in a simple process. The software integrates decentrally produced correspondence into a optimising bulk processing system for all common channels such as printing, e-mail, web portals, archives etc. This offers huge savings potential in staff time and mailing costs.

Risks are also reduced as documents are rules checked before leaving the desktop, which helps with compliance and brand protection.

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