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Comparting 2020: DocBridge® CCM Cloud Solutions

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Live Demonstrations from Compart on the Utilization of DocBridge® CCM Cloud Solutions

For the first time, Compart’s annual global event focusing on omnichannel communication took place completely online. This did not change the previous character of the event. As usual, visitors could expect a mix of keynote speeches, user reports, technology presentations and live demos from Europe and North America, reflecting the broad spectrum of modern omnichannel communication. On December 2 and 3, 2020, the Comparting opened its virtual doors with live demos of use case scenarios of DocBridge® ccm cloud solutions.

Documents From the Cloud

Documents created with DocBridge® Impress are omnichannel and barrier-free according to PDF/UA and WCAG. DocBridge® Impress gives users fast access to all modern, digital communication channels in a single workflow. For the WWF in Switzerland, the challenges included creating the document in various languages.

Documents can be created and sent to all relevant channels and media: as printed pages, as a PDF in an email attachment, as a responsive HTML page in a web browser and on a smartphone/tablet, via messenger services, etc. Each new document only needs to be generated once and is available for all media without duplicating the effort for each or splitting the process for batch mode and/or a single transaction.


Salesforce Cloud Integration
Automated messaging platform that integrates with Salesforce.

Packaged Business Capabilities - A New Way of Providing Software

No matter what CRM tool you use, this is an important topic for anyone reaching out to customers via multiple channels. The question of how to build a software solution is becoming more and more important in the current COVID-19 tainted business world. Monolithic software solutions such as those seen in the early part of the century have given way to microservices-based architectures that simplify scalability and reduce application development time, enable innovation, and shorten time-to-market for new features.

As a rule, microservices are deployed in a cloud and make use of their own or external APIs. In this context, the increasing prevalence of cloud plays a crucial role and makes web APIs more important.

DocBridge® Technology in the Cloud - A New SaaS Offering by Compart

From down under came a presentation by Compart's business partners, AirDocs, entitled The Future Is Here – delivering on the promise of CCM with SaaS. AirDocs is a SaaS Client Communications Management Platform as a Service provider.

The platform provides composition, archiving, delivery and management of communications using a range of channels such as email, print, SMS and DocuSign. The solution uses the DocBridge Mill Toolkit as part of the print generation process.

This is how Compart views the future of business applications -- and that future is here.


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  • Cloud scenarios for customer communication and classic output management
  • Focus: process automation, digital inbound processing and document creation
  • Languages: German, English, French
CCM Cloud Solutions

Cloud Scenarios for Customer Communication and Classic Output Management

The focus of the congress was on Compart's new strategy for organizing the event. In the coming months, the provider of software for customer communication will expand and further develop its DocBridge® product family in terms of Cloud or SaaS capability.

At the core of this strategy is to offer even more selected functions as so-called microservices, which can then be quickly and easily integrated into existing infrastructures via Web APIs and linked to third-party applications. The aim of this strategy is to help companies automate their customer communication processes even more and expand their business as a whole. The first successful projects and innovative implementations were reported at Comparting 2020.

In this context, the provisioning and orchestration of solutions from the DocBridge® product family in Cloud environments is a further thematic focus at the international congress. Visitors could also expect numerous live demonstrations. In order to do justice to participants who were not yet so familiar with Compart solutions, there were presentations of the entire product range.

At the Comparting a virtual networking was provided and there were plenty of opportunities for online chats with speakers and other participants as well as with Compart management. Compart's product experts were also available to answer visitors' questions and available for further discussions and information after the event. Interested parties could arrange personal appointments with the consultants and product managers.

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