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Comparting 2018

The Forum for Multi-Channel Document Management

November 15 - 16

Kongresshalle Böblingen | Germany

Omnichannel communication

In fact, companies that generate ever-increasing volumes of customer communication cannot afford to ignore issues such as process automation, universal document design for omnichannel output, and central rendition services. In many regulated industries, the requirements of document output management are currently too complicated to be managed without extensive IT support. Issues of compliance and the increasing personalization in customer communication - as well as ever-present cost pressures - simply add complexity.

These topics determined the agenda of this year's Comparting conference on 15 and 16 November in Böblingen. Compart, known equally for stability and a spirit of innovation, will present a number of new software solutions and will review recent projects. For example, in France, Compart has worked with several customers to develop a powerful system for the seamless tracking and tracing of documents throughout the entire production lifecycle. This solution, called Audtitrack, will be available outside of France later this year.

DocBridge Impress software for creating documents for mobile, print and web, which has enjoyed a rapidly increasing demand since its market launch three years ago, will also be a topic of conversation at Comparting.

Most important, the increasing recognition among forward-looking companies that customer-facing, mission-critical transactional documents are keys to an improved customer experience (CX) will be a focal point of Comparting, as the importance of document output climbs out of the dark basement and into the light of the executive offices of many large organizations. This recognition has been a long time coming.

The international flavor of Comparting grows each year as Comparting attracts experts and participants from the European Union, Great Britain and North and South America. As in previous years, attendees from France will again enjoy a track dedicated to serving their particular needs.

The full agenda will be published here shortly.

Comparting 2018

Background Information

Comparting is an annual international technology forum for omnichannel document and output management that attracts companies of all sizes and industries. The two-day forum is particularly noted for its high-profile user reports from Germany and abroad as well as the wide range of topics. The number of attendees has grown steadily since the first forum nine years ago. This year more than 400 visitors from Europe and North and Latin America are expected. The forum features multiple tracks with proven technology sessions, a press roundtable for journalists and more than ample opportunities for networking.


Theoretical and practical knowledge around document processing and output management.

Comparting Agenda & Topics

Agenda & Topics

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"Very informative event with plenty of room for specialist exchanges and networking."

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