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White Paper Production Makes Printing Forms Superfluous

Producing documents on white paper considerably reduces process costs and increases delivery reliability

Put an end to costly form printing!

Stockpiling preprinted forms is an expensive affair: capital is tied up not only in the use of warehouse space, but in resources too, considering the shelves and finishing lines always need replenishing. And then comes the next challenge: The printer needs not only the right forms, but also the right data. Nothing would be more awkward than an employee receiving the boss's pay slip or a decedent a new life insurance policy. Data transmission is fraught with peril. Companies pour a lot of time and money into coordinating these data streams.

White paper production – an opportunity for greater efficiency in document production

It would be so much better to replace expensive stockpiling with technologies that bundle the content and layout data of a document and print it on blank paper. That answer is white paper production – variable data printing on blank paper, with nary a form in sight. Not only does it avoid the costs for creating, storing, and sending preprinted forms, but also the risk of incorrect compiling.

Complex paper tray control also becomes a thing of the past. Instead of x number of different forms painstakingly assigned to specific trays, there are just infinite rolls of white paper for printing every document: policies, invoices, letters, GTCs, dunning letters, payment instructions, and so on. Furthermore, ramp-up time for the finishing lines is also reduced. In particular, large firms face a deluge of different print jobs each and every day. The problem is that every new order means reprogramming the systems to keep the forms coming from the right tray.

Compart: Your partner for reliable white paper production in full-color digital print

  1. Optimization of data streams

    Compart supports companies of any size and industry to combine data streams from varying sources and systems and manage continuous printing on white paper.

  2. Processes and workflows

    Processes and workflows: Once you have decided on white paper production, Compart helps you redesign document and output management workflows.

  3. Expertise and cooperation

    Expertise and cooperation: Compart offers training on all the standard data streams and color management in digital printing. Compart also brings to the table its technical expertise in digital printers, gained through its collaborations with all the major manufacturers of enveloping, folding and printing systems.

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