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We participate at exhibitions and conferences all around the world. We also host the Comparting - the Forum for Multichannel Document Management. Join us at our upcoming events to learn about the latest industry innovations, trends and technologies.

Exhibitions & Conferences

We're available to meet with you at several important national and inter­national events.

Upcoming events

Review Comparting 2016

Multi-Channel Document Management Forum

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Graph Expo

Compart to Steal the Graph Expo Trade Show in Orlando

Last year at Graph Expo in Chicago the theme of “Compart 4 Comfort” was well-received, as we used our Graph Expo booth as a comfort station, offering over-stuffed couches, ottomans and foot massagers to any Graph Expo attendees who needed to rest their weary feet.

This coming September, we intend to steal Graph Expo in Orlando, making the Graph Expo trade show our showcase for tying customer content to core business processes in an innovative and exciting way. 

Compart at Graph Expo

Short introduction by John Lynch.
Meet Compart at Booth 2073.
We are looking forward to see you.

Comfort = Compart

Theme for Graph Expo by Scott Gerschwer.
Comparts unique architecture of the DocBridge software and solutions.


Compart is a Silver Sponsor of Xplor International and supports the Xplor organization and mission

We value the dedication Xplor has shown in educating the digital print industry and we will continue contributing to the good work Xplor does in advocating and improving digital print. Mr. John Lynch, Compart North America's VP of Technology, first presented at Xplor 1983 and spoke most recently at Xplor 2016 in Orlando, Florida:

At Xplor 2016, Mr. Lynch spoke about forming self-leading teams. An active and engaged Xplor audience took notes and asked questions about how to lead a business unit and how to master "scrums" that block peak performance by each member of the team. Later, Mr. Lynch took part in an Xplor panel on careers in print, engaging the Xplor audience with tales from a 30+ year career.

On May 11, 2016 at 1:30, Compart will participate in a Xplor webinar on the communication process and the customer communication ecosystem, hosted by Xplor Marketing Manager Chad Henk. Compart continues to view Xplor International as a valuable industry resource and a valued partner.

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