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Universal document processing for every format and every channel

The powerful, scalable and SOA-oriented solution for universal and device-independent document processing – for all formats, channels and systems

DocBridge Mill Plus enables companies and organizations with high document volumes to harmonize the plethora of input and output documents and channels and prepare documents appropriately for the recipient. DocBridge Mill Plus thus bridges the gap between the old world and modernday customer communication.

DocBridge Mill Plus analyzes, separates, classifies, indexes, modifies, and converts documents of different origins and prepares it for display and output on all digital and physical channels including for the Web, archiving, and mobile devices (tablet, notebook, smartphone, etc.) DocBridge Mill Plus supports processing of all the typical formats including HTML5, which is becoming the prevalent standard for display and output on electronic media regardless of display and screen size. Furthermore, DocBridge Mill Plus can automatically generate valid barrier-free documents in PDF/UA format.

The platform-independent solution supports Web services within service-oriented architectures (SOAs) and guarantees powerful performance in batch and transaction processing.

DocBridge Mill Plus provides for the extraction and storage of metadata (such as XMP), thereby advancing automation and standardization in digital document exchange.

DocBridge Mill Plus enables users without programming or scripting skills to define individual functions as well as complete processing workflows. However, it does not limit users.

Complex processing can be divided into individual processing steps then linked together into a workflow of drag & drop modules. Testing of the defined workflows right in the user interface is included, increasing reliability and reducing misprints.

Print Workflow - Onboarding New Print Jobs

"The system delivers extremely meaningful data that even a layperson can understand."

Carl Oelker VHV Group
Carl Oelker
VHV Group

Benefits, Concept and Functions

The Benefits
  • High flexibility through speedy preparation of any type of document for every digital and physical communication channel
  • Investment protection through easy integration of existing (legacy) applications and workflows 
  • Powerful batch and transaction processing in one solution
  • Efficient handling of peak times and optimal utilization of physical resources through scalability
  • Intuitive user guidance
DocBridge® Mill Plus in Day-to-day Operations: Typical Areas of Application

Preparation of formatted documents for production printing (re-engineering of print data streams)

Problem: Generated and formatted documents can often not be printed because their structure and format are not compatible with the parameters of the printing and enveloping systems. This affects in-house and external print providers alike.

Solution: DocBridge Mill Plus prepares documents for output on any production line, without expensive changes, modifications or enhancements to equipment or formatting/composition tools.

With DocBridge Mill Plus, you can:

  • Convert the document to the printer-specific output format regardless of the software used to generate and format it.
  • Change the page order within a document (e.g., from “first to last” to “last to first” and vice versa).
  • Rotate the page content (head first versus foot first).
  • Add barcodes and OMR code for the conversion.
  • Use ICC profiles for correct color rendition during printing.
  • Change simplex to duplex printing and vice versa according to the hardware parameters.
  • Automatically check whether defined whitespace was unintentionally printed.

Benefits for the print service providers: Great flexibility for new customers – Print jobs can be quickly integrated and processed at any time (no investment in new machines necessary).

Benefits for the customer: Relieves customer of document generation (no changes to formatting needed).

Preparation of invoices from the specialist application for different digital and physical output channels

  • Such as AFP spool for printing, HTML5 for display on mobile devices, PDF for e-mail and customer portal, PDF/A for archiving, and PDF/UA for persons with disabilities
  • DocBridge Mill Plus offers a high degree of automation in both transaction and batch processing
  • Minimal configuration effort for the user

Recurring peak load that requires temporary additional resources (e.g., monthly credit card statements)

  • DocBridge Mill Plus is infinitely scalable and thus especially suitable for fluctuating order volumes
  • Servers in the corporate network can be virtually added and then removed after the peak 
  • The individual processing jobs are automatically distributed across the individual servers and monitored using a central Web interface
  • Optimal utilization of existing resources
  • Quick reaction during peak times
  • No investment in additional hardware necessary

Selection and display of individual document from an archive or print data stream (spool)

  • Process is launched from the existing specialist application and runs in a fraction of a second.
  • DocBridge Mill Plus converts the document (e.g., account statement) on-the-fly and displays the document in the specialist application, regardless of original format and the application used. The advantage: no additional viewing software required.
  • Detailed sets of rules for user-specific application and compliance with guidelines can be saved, e.g. who has read-only access to a document and who can also print it?
At a Glance: DocBridge® Mill Plus...
  • Analyzes, classifies, indexes, modifies, and converts any document, regardless of format, type, or content, for all electronic and physical output channels.
  • Extracts and generates metadata as a basis for automatic post-processing (e.g., XMP).
  • Enables page- and device-independent display of documents on the basis of HTML5.
  • Is cloud-ready and supports Web services (SOA).
  • Is infinitely scalable (no investment in additional hardware necessary).
  • Guarantees high performance in both transaction and batch processing.
  • Ties existing legacy system to modern communication channels.
  • Is easy to integrate into existing IT structures and established workflows.
  • Uses all standard data formats (AFP, PDF, HTML, PCL, XML, XSL-FO etc.).
  • Automatically generates valid barrier-free PDF/UA files.
  • Requires no specific programming know-how (intuitive user interface).
  • Supports the ICC color profiles.
The DocBridge® Mill Plus Concept

A DocBridge Mill Plus application is built from individual modules that can be combined in a myriad of ways. By graphically supporting configuration interface, it is fast to set up new applications and easy to modify existing applications (for example: adding new input and output formats). All modules are programmed in OS-independent code and function exactly the same way in all the supported platforms.

All core functions are consolidated in a base module. The objects of the input documents and their properties are processed through format-dependent input filters. All the desired process functions can be configured in a format-neutral way, applied and converted into the required target formats using format-dependent output filters. In this way different formats are merged and modified in a single pass.

Supported Input and Output Formats
All popular formats are supported - with product-specific variations. A complete overview is provided in the Compart Matrix (PDF).
Compart Matrix

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