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A Universal Document Viewer

DocBridge® View displays electronically saved or archived documents. It can display a single document, a series of documents or documents collected together as a batch.

One for All Formats

An excellent feature is the support of all common file formats used for printing, filing and archiving.

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Powerful and Easy-to-Use Viewer Software

DocBridge® View is a universal, multi-document viewer that can be utilized in many ways due to its numerous integration functions, ease of use and support for a wide range of mixed-object formats.

As DocBridge® View is based on the DocBridge® Core Engine, the full version supports additional formats as listed in the Compart Matrix. Please contact us for further information.

Download Facts

Language English
Operating Systems Microsoft Windows 7 (64Bit) or newer
Limitations of the Trial Version A watermark is displayed on each page.
Large files > 1GB are not supported.
Supported Formats PDF, AFP, PCL, XPS, Postscript, XSL-FO, Image Formats such as JPEG, GIF, PNG...
The full version supports additional formats.

Benefits using DocBridge® View

Single User Interface for all documents and formats

Customer files often consist of documents that are created in more than one format. There may be PDFs, AFP documents and others. DocBridge® View supports virtually all file formats so you can view customer files quickly and efficiently without opening a new viewer each time

Display of meta-information

You might need to view the metadata, including time/date stamp, operator identification, copies, simplex/duplex, NOPs, TLEs, operator instructions, etc. Any information that was added to the file to make it more usable downstream will be available.

Highly configurable

DocBridge View can also be extensively configured externally: It can be accessed using a variety of control parameters or due to its DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) capabilities, DocBridge® View can be used as a building block in another application, e.g. in an archiving environment.

Fast loading and viewing capabilities

DocBridge® View offers alternative display options. For example, you might want to view the document in a hierarchal tree structure or a index view in order to navigate within the structure of the document. You might want a miniature view or a page group view. Configuring DocBridge® View to suit your needs is easy.

High representation faithfulness and display of the text with original fonts

The file is displayed in highly accurate detail. The internal and external resources used for the mixed-object formats and AFP, such as overlays, page segments, medium maps and form definitions or fonts, are resolved accurately. It does not matter whether a font is included in the display document itself or is a reference to an external font file.

Comprehensive overview and annotation functions

Select individual pages or page areas, Search for text in the loaded documents, with highlighted search results as well as Production and processing of annotations, e.g. marking areas, masked areas, lines, text, notes and stamps.

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View and Edit Documents of Any Type in One Application

  • Powerful and easy-to-use software for viewing and editing electronically stored documents
  • Rich integration capabilities and manageability
  • Support of different mixed-object formats
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