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Quality Assurance in Input Management

Rules-based checking of incoming documents on the basis of IT solutions

Do not blindly trust every document! Ensure stringent quality assurance of incoming documents

So much time is lost when an incoming document lacks the necessary information for automatic downstream processing and has to go back to the sender. It would be naive to think that all incoming documents can be immediately opened and the metadata needed for further processing automatically read.

The reality is that many companies do not process incoming mail through quality assurance. They hope that everything is correct and detect any errors simply by chance or very late in the process.

To rely exclusively on manual checking is simply lax and costs time, money and patience.

Quality assurance sentinel for incoming documents

When the discussion turns to quality assurance in document management, most people primarily mean their own correspondence. Very few think about incoming document processing. Yet input management accommodates the same quality assurance technologies and methods as output management.

Here, too, high-performance software solutions efficiently support checking of documents of any type and format on the basis of defined sets of rules. Technical criteria such as page size and scope and formal parameters such as completeness (fonts, attachments) and archivability can be applied.

These criteria are individual. For example, a company can allow acceptance of only documents of a specific format capable of automatic downstream processing. The scope of such rules ultimately knows no bounds.

Quality assurance with Compart

  1. Broad testing spectrum

    Compart solutions support automatic rule-based checking of documents in input management against various criteria.

  2. Workflow

    Compart helps establish the relevant checks along the process chain.

  3. Test methods

    Compart offers solutions for all areas of quality control in document processing (rule-based, template-based, and regression tests).

Document Checking Automated Quality Assurance

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