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We Proudly Present: The New Compart Logo

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Curtain Up for the New Compart Logo

Modern, smart, open – that's how our new corporate logo presents itself starting today!

Why this change and why now?

Since mid-2022, Compart has been part of GSG GENII Software Group GmbH (short "GENII"), thus strengthening its position for a successful future. The integrated strapline "A GENII Company" in the new logo expresses Compart's belonging to a larger whole.

What does our new logo symbolize?

It's a clear sign of our commitment to continuous innovation and development, without losing sight of the core of our personality.
Compart Logo 2024

New colors, new shapes, new feel

The slightly slimmer optimized, yet largely retained, wordmark and the red color ensure strong brand recognition and stand for continuity: Our customers and partners can continue to rely on us and our solutions. The previous black has been replaced by dark blue, seamlessly integrating into our existing color scheme. Dark blue is the color of innovation, reliability, and technology par excellence. We love it.

The evolution of the brand

With the brandmark, we took a bold step – here we removed the limiting red bars and the black-and-white combination. The centerpiece of our new logo now consists of the new, smart combination of a stable red core and two equally balanced dark blue brackets, visually forming an open cube. The new brandmark better embodies our passion to always deliver technologically leading solutions to our customers in our two core areas – Output Management and Customer Communication Management. At the same time, it emphasizes our focus on open standards and openness in our interactions with each other and with our customers and partners, as well as towards new ideas, other cultures, and new partnerships. Overall, our new logo radiates seriousness, agility, and openness. It is a natural evolution of our brand, positioning us as an innovative, reliable, and customer-oriented technology company.

Launch of the redesign in 2024

Practically speaking, the new logo design allows for much more flexible and creative use across all media and communication channels. The launch of the new brandmark will be gradually introduced from mid-March 2024 in all regions and through various channels, replacing the familiar corporate design.

The new logo fits us perfectly on the path to the future.
We look forward to it.