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MFFAFP Filter Profile File GOCA Fill Pattern Configuration


The abbreviation MFF stands for Mixed Format Filter. MFF input and output filters are part of the MFF architecture and, as part of DocBridge Core, support the processing steps in the DocBridge products. Some input filters read files of different formats, output filters write files into the respective output format. In some cases, a format is supported on input and output side.

Filters are configured in profile XML files with the file extension .pro. In these profiles, you may specify where specific resources like fonts are to be searched, the code pages to be used or the mapping of font names to font files. If a format is supported both as input and output format, like AFP, input and output processing are configured in the same profile file.

This article describes the configuration of GOCA fill patterns in the MFFAFP filter profile. GOCA is short for Graphics Object Content Architecture, an architecture that provides a collection of graphics values and control structures used to interchange and present vector graphics in AFP pages, page segments, or overlays.

GOCA fill patterns are symbols repeated, both in the horizontal and vertical directions, to fill areas.

The AFP GOCA pattern set contains 16 predefined patterns.

AFP GOCA pattern set

Prior to version 201105, GOCA fill patterns were not supported by the AFP Input filter and therefore patterns 1 to 14 were replaced by colored solid fill patterns. As of version 201105, GOCA fill patterns are supported, but in order to ensure backwards compatibility they are replaced by colored solid fill patterns by default.

The element "replaceGocaPatterns" in the input section of the MFFAFP filter profile file can be configured to use internally defined IBM fill patterns or alternatively to specify alternative color replacements.

The sub-element "replaceGocaPattern" has three attributes:

<replaceGocaPattern value="true" number="2" color="#00c0c0c0"/>

  1. "value", mandatory attribute. Specifies whether the patterns are replaced (true) or an internally defined IBM pattern is used (false)
  2. "number", mandatory attribute. Specifies the GOCA fill pattern to configure. Valid values range from 1 to 16, however, we recommend not to replace the patterns 15 (No Fill) and 16 (Solid fill).
  3. "color", optional attribute. Specifies the RGB color value for the replacement. The color value is specified using 4 channels: alpha, red, green, blue. ("#aarrbbggb"). If the color value is not defined, but value="true" is specified the default color replacement is used.

Example configuration for the default behavior and the resulting output:

    <replaceGocaPattern value="true" number="1" color="#00999999"/>
    <replaceGocaPattern value="true" number="2" color="#00c0c0c0"/>
    <replaceGocaPattern value="true" number="3" color="#00c0c0c0"/>
    <replaceGocaPattern value="true" number="4" color="#00d9d9d9"/>
    <replaceGocaPattern value="true" number="5" color="#00d9d9d9"/>
    <replaceGocaPattern value="true" number="6" color="#00d9d9d9"/>
    <replaceGocaPattern value="true" number="7" color="#00e6e6e6"/>
    <replaceGocaPattern value="true" number="8" color="#00e6e6e6"/>
    <replaceGocaPattern value="true" number="9" color="#000000ff"/>
    <replaceGocaPattern value="true" number="10" color="#0000ff00"/>
    <replaceGocaPattern value="true" number="11" color="#0000ffff"/>
    <replaceGocaPattern value="true" number="12" color="#00ffff00"/>
    <replaceGocaPattern value="true" number="13" color="#0000ffff"/>
    <replaceGocaPattern value="true" number="14" color="#00ff00ff"/>

GOCA fill patterns

GOCA fill patterns