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How To Save Your Company From a Death By 1000 Cuts

Ask any car owner about a slow leak in one of their tires—it’s one of the really annoying things you can ever have to deal with. If you fail to pay attention to it -- one cold morning and you’ve got a flat. It is constant, nagging up-keep: nothing major, mind you, just an annoyance.

Now translate that same idea to a balance on your credit card. Month after month the interest and penalties gnaw away at your financial well-being. If you don’t pay attention you end up paying ten dollars a sock. It’s like going to a “sale” that offers 25% added to your costs...

And now think about your business. What expenses nag at you, what bleeds you slowly as if you were suffering a thousand small cuts? For many business owners, it is the cost of print, the cost of paper and the cost of postage. I had a friend who ran a storied ADF. I mean that literally: there were a dozen stories written about this Automated Document Factory. If you wanted to see the most state-of-the-art, the most well-designed, the most efficient, the most cost-conscious, the most bottom-line saving ADF in the world, you went to his. And yet one day he said to me, “About 67% of our mail still goes out with full postage.”


“And most of it is not produced here. It’s produced off of desktop printers, which require cartridge replacements, printed on reams of paper that I have no control over, with franking on an office meter.”


Buying a desktop printer is easy. You know why? Because 75% of the total cost of it is paid for supplies, service and maintenance. That’s probably more than you thought, right? Because the people who work for you don’t pay for it so they don’t care. They just do their thing. So now it’s time for you to do yours. You want to be staggered? I recently read that for a company with 1000 employees, the cost associated with print can be a half million dollars (Crowley, 2015).

That’s print alone – it can strip away 5% of your total revenue. Add postage and you might be looking at 15%. But wait—there’s more!

How many of these envelopes that are going out alone conform to your exacting corporate standards? I’ll bet you don’t know. How could you?  You are dealing with anarchy here. You would love to be able to check decentralized correspondence for compliance of the fonts, text modules, colors, logos and addresses used—BUT YOU CAN’T.

You want to prevent rule violations. Compliance violations are myriad—an incorrect font, prohibited wording, or an outdated logo. And then there are the legal requirements. In view of the increasing complexity of customer communication, verifying compliance with all the rules is an increasingly difficult endeavor. And there is no such thing as a minor mishap when it comes to compliance. Consistent adherence to guidelines is a pain point in all document production and virtually impossible without support from upper management, IT and corporate legal departments—the very people who out of the loop.

So what if you had a single button that you could press that would stop that from happening? Would you press it? Of course you would. What if every desktop had a button on the print driver that everyone in the organization could push to send their document through a filter that checked for any rule violation you want, made the changes that need to be made, and then pushed the document into the batch processing queue?

That’s a button you would want them to press—unless pressing it meant a delay that could cost you a customer. There has to be some employee discretion. But that’s a rare case.

In the very near future, Compart is going to announce that an entire country now has this option—a button you can press, a print driver you can select on your desktop, anywhere in the world—and have the document centrally printed and processed.  It will be a revolution in communication.

But you don’t have to wait. You can have this option for your organization now. Compart will be at Graph Expo in booth 554 and we hope you come visit us. Ask us about this amazing software solution and how it can be seamlessly integrated into your existing output and document management structure.

Author: Scott Gerschwer, Marketing Manager, North American Region, Compart

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