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Data Exchange: Your Business, Your Rules

Standardized metadata provides the print provider with all the information needed for automated production (printing, bundling/sorting, adding inserts, enveloping, franking, hand over to postal provider).


API stands for Application Programming Interface and is a set of programming instructions and standards for accessing another software application; typically from outside of your company or organization. A software company releases its API to the public so that other software developers can design products that are powered by, or connected to its service.

APIs connect the world you cannot control with the world you do control: your business. They allow you to harness some specific abilities you need to run your business, while retaining the rules you require and the control you need.

API's provide a predictable method for the transfer of data between applications that may have not been designed to exchange data. It allows the deep enrichment of the Customer Experience based on information exchanged between applications as well as environmental factors that exist while the data exchange takes place (metadata) based on your needs. Your business, your business rules.

Just as APIs help you connect these worlds, DocBridge® FileCab connects the world you cannot control – your agents and employees in satellite offices or out in the field – with the world you do control: the document processing hub. Transactional correspondence and the batch—with the rules you need for every document that goes out under your banner or logo.

This software collects individual correspondence (office documents) prepared on user PCs and transmits it to a central printing and mailing facility to reduce mailing costs (including postage, always a big expense) and keep the branding and messaging consistent.

Standardized metadata provides the print provider with all the information needed for automated production (printing, bundling/sorting, adding inserts, enveloping, franking, hand over to postal provider). Clearly defined handling rules (e.g., same-day document printing and mailing) complete the process. To make archiving easier, metadata extracted from each document is also available to create the index and control files that accompany the input documents.

  • DocBridge FileCab provides an easy way to address five critical issues enterprises face that are associated with the production of letters, sales proposals, and other communication channels that are not created by centralized IT or document management systems: Documents produced on desktop workstations, are often created, printed, stamped, and mailed without regard to cost, time or efficiency. DocBridge FileCab ensures these documents are produced and distributed with the same degree of efficiency as those in a centralized production operation. 
  • Inconsistent marketing and branding across customer-facing documents. DocBridge FileCab simplifies the inclusion of accurate branding and corporate messaging in all documents by automatically checking content against business rules to ensure mandatory elements are included.
  • Inefficient approval and review processes for unstructured documents increase costs and lack responsiveness to customer needs. DocBridge FileCab offers simple implementation of approval procedures to ensure established business rules are followed during document creation.

  • Inadequate or uncertain compliance with local, state and federal regulations. DocBridge FileCab provides the support needed to help ensure outgoing communications comply with increasingly complex regulatory requirements.

  • Important or regulated information can be lost or not be readily accessible when documents are created and stored locally at call centers, branch offices, or on the laptop computers of field service representatives. DocBridge FileCab works in online and offline modes to collect, check and transfer every document to a central archive regardless of its format, where it was generated, or the physical or digital channel used to create it.

There is a need to find a solution that ensures document consistency and compliance, while providing the transparency and archival capacity needed to satisfy a host of state and federal regulations. DocBridge FileCab addresses these concerns and can be integrated into an enterprise’s document and output management communication structure. A select printer option right on the desktop makes it easy for the end user to comply with the established business practice.

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