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DocBridge View allows you to quickly and easily display electronically saved or archived documents. It can display single documents, a series of documents or very large, gigabyte-sized files. DocBridge View supports the legacy formats (AFP and metacode), contemporary formats (PDF, PCL, PostScript), “X” based formats (XSL-FO) and business formats like SAP’s output formats – all from the same viewer.

„DocBridge View offers a very good toolbox for seamlessly integrating the program into existing applications. I am continually surprised at how many options DocBridge View offers.“

Angelika Huebscher

Commercial Register Berlin

Benefits, Concept and Functions

The Main Benefits
  • Fast loading and viewing capabilities
  • Comprehensive support of all common document formats
  • Single standard user display
  • Optimal support for resource references
  • High representation faithfulness and display of the text with original fonts
  • Comprehensive overview and annotation functions
  • Can be used as Active-X control element in user applications
  • Highly configurable and controllable
  • Prints via a standard Windows function and has an optional PDF output
The DocBridge® View Concept
DocBridge View is a universal, multi-document viewer that can be utilized in many ways due to its numerous integration functions, controllability and support of a wide range of mixed-object formats.
Additional Functions

The user interface consists of two elements:

Viewer Window

The Viewer provides standard and intuitive functionality for the easy display of document pages, such as scrolls, search, turning and zoom functions. It provides the key information about the file, including resources and any included metadata. The software also supports display options such as scale-to-grey and font screening.

Document Navigation Window

The document navigation window provides an overview of the loaded documents as different views:

  • Document tree: Displays the batches, documents and pages in hierarchical categories in Explorer style
  • Miniature view: Displays all pages of the loaded documents sequentially as preview images
  • Index view: Displays AFP document batch index structure, where the individual documents have been indexed using TLE tags
  • Page group view: Displays AFP documents collected into their page groups

Other available functions include:

  • Select individual pages or page areas, which can be printed or sent directly by email
  • Search for text in the loaded documents, with highlighted search results
  • Production and processing of annotations, e.g. marking areas, masked areas, lines, text, notes and stamps

Resource Management

For the display of documents, DocBridge View supports both self-contained and externally referenced resources. It does not matter whether a font is included in the display document itself or is a reference to an external font file. DocBridge View is able to display the file in highly accurate detail. The internal and external resources used for the mixed-object formats and AFP, such as overlays, page segments, medium maps and form definitions or fonts, are resolved accurately.

When displaying the font, an option exists to switch between the representation using similar system fonts and fonts rasterized by DocBridge View itself. Forms missing in the data stream can be integrated for display and printing. Pages can also be “stamped” with additional text, such as “Copy” or “Reprint,” before they are printed.


DocBridge View can also be extensively configured externally:

  • It can be accessed using a variety of control parameters
  • Due to its DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) capabilities, DocBridge View can be used as a building block in another application, e.g. in an archiving environment
Supported Input and Output Formats
All popular formats are supported - with product-specific variations. A complete overview is provided in the Compart Matrix (PDF).
Compart Matrix

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