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Rule-Based Tests: Document Testing for all Compliance Requirements

Automatic and IT-supported tests are the basis for conformant documents of any type

Are your documents conformant?

What do you do in the face of increasing legal regulations in document processing if don't have the necessary resources for compliance verification? The fact is that companies must comply with increasingly complex archiving, reporting, and privacy regulations from a variety of regulatory agencies. Reliable quality control in document processing cannot be ensured without automatic and software-supported tests based on sets of rules.

Ensure your documents are compliant

Documents must adhere to different rules, be they legal, industry, or corporate. Powerful software solutions that automatically and reliably check documents of every type and format against the defined rules do offer support. Formal criteria may include adherence to corporate design (wording, layout, etc.), accuracy of addresses, and compliance with legal regulations (archiving, traceability, reporting, data security, etc.).

Broad testing spectrum: Compart solutions support automatic rule-based checking of documents against various criteria

  1. Testing for production-relevant factors

    • Does the document have enough space for various control codes for enveloping, franking, dispatch, etc. (e.g., optical mark recognition (OMR))?
  2. Testing against postal rules

    • Is the address field structured properly?
    • Do the fonts and font sizes used comply with postal guidelines?
    • Is all the information needed for output and sending the document complete and correct?
    • Are there any images or overlays that prevent reading the address field?
  3. Testing against corporate design rules

    • Fonts, color, font size
    • Logos
    • Footer/header
    • Text modules
    • Legal information
  4. Testing against legal requirements

    • Electronic archiving per GDPdU
    • Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX)
    • KonTraG (German Act on Corporate Control and Transparency)
    • GoBD
    • Codes of Federal Regulations (CFR)

Document Checking Automated Quality Assurance

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