Compart - Document- and Output-Management

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Out­bound Com­muni­cation

Automated document output to all physical and digital channels - irrespective of format and technologically innovative


Barrier-Free Documents

Barrier-free documents are important not only to persons with disabilities. In and of themselves, intelligent, accessible documents, represent a quantum leap in document processing.

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Multi-Channel Communication

Separating creation from output is the basis for multi-channel-capable and format-independent document processing.

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Corporate Design

IT-supported QA programs guarantee 100% adherence to rules and compliance with design specifications for documents of all types.

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Postage Optimization

IT-supported pre-sorting of mail including electronic franking according to the regulations of different mail service providers.

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White Paper Production

Producing documents on white paper considerably reduces process costs and increases delivery reliability.

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Central Document Archiving

Permanently archive single documents and spool files and convert them on-the-fly.

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Meaningful data about a document are key to automation.

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Color Management

Color management in document processing.

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