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UK's Changing Postal Market

Are you ready to get Mail Savings, Insightful Reporting and Improved Efficiency with MailMark and E2E?

A big change is happening in the UK postal market.  Postal suppliers are introducing more end-to-end tracking and automation such as the Royal Mail’s MailMark barcode enabled and TNT E2E services.  We know Royal Mail has invested in excess of £70 Million preparing for this, so it is going to happen! Royal Mail’s aim is to have 80-90% of machineable mail as a part of the Mailmark system by the end of 2016.


The key benefits are:

  • A higher level of assurance that mail has been delivered,
  • A more accurate indication of delivery date which will bring printed mail more into line with digital
  • communications in terms of analysing impact
  • Insightful reporting of the mail and overall process
  • Clear indications of any problems (like address quality, pack design etc)
  • And probably most importantly, the least cost possible per mailpiece for bulk mail

This will also bring about entirely new applications for mail users as they will be able to definitely say the mail was put into the post stream and when it is likely to arrive. It will also help to spot areas of errors/problems with address data. This is great for customer service, improved accuracy and campaign integration. 

It is stated that using Mailmark will be the lowest cost for unsorted or sorted mail, non-franked mail.  Pricing will reduce significantly as the postal suppliers will want to move customers onto these solutions for process automation improvements. Unlike Red Tag, this is a premium service but at a reduced not increased cost. Also customers are not penalized on the whole batch if a few documents are wrong.

For large scale output (non-franked), to use such services, customers will need to able to create certain types of datamatrix codes in their print applications and produce extracts of data and e-manifests for upload. Now, if you have legacy or siloed applications these changes are not easy. Until now!

Royal Mail Mailmark® Video:

The big question is “how do I do this?”

With MailMark and E2E Compart have developed a solution where it is easy to apply the required barcodes to print ready data and generate the requirements for these services. All this is done in an user-friendly GUI based system that is easy to set up and maintain. The barcodes from our solutions have been checked, verified and accredited.

In essence we can take any high volume print file or any format and with minimum configuration can apply this to the solution. It is also possible to extend these solutions into the production areas to improve efficiency further such as the ability to manage spoils and wrecks and the effect of these on the reporting data.

So, in summary, this saves money, adds tracking and integrates campaigns.  This is an innovation in post that customers must take advantage of.

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