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Compart Launches Universal Online Document Viewer

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DocBridge® Document Viewer is now available, a web-based universal viewer solution for displaying digital documents of any format. With this cloud-enabled application, documents of any size can be displayed and their presentation can be influenced (e.g. rotate, zoom, simultaneous opening of several documents).

DocBridge® Document Viewer is primarily aimed at companies who are looking for a multi-format document viewer view solution for high or frequently changing throughput of different documents which they can easily integrate directly into existing applications and workflows. The application can be scaled as required depending on the existing document volume and number of users.

Easy Administration and Seamless Integration via API

DocBridge® Document Viewer only needs to be installed once on a central company server. Users access the high-performance application directly from their workstation via a browser. The time-consuming and cost-intensive maintenance of a desktop application is therefore no longer necessary and confidential files do not have to be copied or downloaded by employees to their local computer to view them.

A special feature of the online docs viewer is its architecture: the Compart solution has a comprehensive JavaScript API which allows easy integration into existing web applications and therefore can be quickly and easily integrated into existing IT infrastructures.

It is precisely this high level of integration capability in all conceivable systems which is a major advantage of the software. It enables, for example, the clerk in an insurance company or commercial register to view and edit all documents directly on the screen - regardless of the format of the document, the specialist application the user is working with and without the installation of software or a browser plug-in.

Even for companies which increasingly receive documents via web portals or make them available to their customers, DocBridge® Document Viewer is a worthwhile alternative to conventional viewer offers due to its architecture, performance and wide range of file formats.

Universal Viewer - Online Docs Viewer

Universal Online Viewer:
DocBridge® Document Viewer

The advantages of the Compart solution also include simple administration and maintenance: all changes and functional enhancements (for example in the course of release changes) are imported once and are automatically available to all users after implementation. There is therefore no need for updates at
the individual workstations (clients).

As this universal viewer is based on the proven DocBridge® CORE Engine, all input formats of the Compart Matrix are supported. The user receives a uniform view of all these file formats.

Further features:

  • Display of over 70 different file formats such as image and page formats (e.g. PDF, AFP, PCL, PostScript) including Microsoft Word (DOCX), various data formats such as text, XML or JSON and many source codes such as C, Java, JavaScript.
  • In conjunction with the DocBridge Conversion Hub, approx. 40 additional data formats can be displayed directly and completely transparently for the user
  • Support of modern smartphone image formats.
  • Navigation via table of contents and hyperlinks within a document.
  • Fast and comfortable search function with optimized navigation even in extensive documents.
  • Multi-tab universal viewer for displaying many documents simultaneously.
  • Permanent development towards annotations, content analysis and OCR.


Trial version:

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