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The industry standard for multi-channel document management workflows

Combining ECM with ADF 2.0 into a single integrated Multi-Channel Document Management Solution

Domtrac provides a comprehensive document management solution - right form, right time, right channel, right customer. It allows the flexibility to control each document based on individual characteristics while maintaining governance and compliance standards.

Every document in the organization including raw data, legacy documents, modern composed documents, and end-user created documents from Microsoft Office can be managed in a single solution. Superior multi-channel output options set the trend in reaching your customers through the channels that they prefer.

Domtrac provides true multi-channel output capabilities with reliable, pre-configured workflows that include production print, archiving, digital delivery, and other channels.

Benefits, Concept and Functions

Why streamline your Document Management Processes?

The familiar challenges continue to increase: Customer communications are becoming increasingly complex and demanding. Regulatory and compliance requirements are more challenging. Service level agreements are also demanding. Customers expect personal information to be delivered via their current media preferences - which change regularly!

In many companies, there are multiple silos of output management systems, several document composition applications, plus other applications used for creating, archiving and storing documents. Replacing even one of these legacy processes is a major and costly project with an ROI that is difficult to define and fraught with risk.

At the same time, Word documents and other end-user mail are not effectively managed by the same governance and compliance standards as other company documents, potentially exposing your organization to compliance, security and risk management violations.

Inefficient and complex document creation and approval processes slow the response to new customer communication initiatives. Meanwhile, adoption of new hardware and modernization of the IT infrastructure are difficult or even impossible because of the need to interface correctly with legacy applications. The required integration of multiple applications with the output management system needed to create a true closed-loop, end-to-end workflow is simply not in place.

As a result, slow and ineffective communication between user departments and the output management center costs an organization in labor, time, and efficiency.

Achieve state-of-the-art Multi-Channel Document Management

Based on Compart’s leading transformation and output management technology, Domtrac provides a tangible and affordable system to meet the challenges of an efficient, flexible customer communication and document management process.

Its default document management workflows enable true multi-channel delivery and set the industry standard for document management solutions.

Pre-configured interfaces allow for a quick integration of existing systems such as composition tools and ECM solutions by providing an undisruptive workflow layer.

This protects existing investments, while providing an efficient and fast implementation path without disrupting a department's daily activities. Based on its open architecture, additional applications can be integrated easily.

Domtrac facilitates both the implementation of Gartner's ADF 2.0 as well as AIIM's Enterprise Content Management (ECM) model. As a true Multi-Channel Document Management Solution, it is the only available software solution that achieves this by bringing new technology to existing legacy systems without disruption.

Protect your investment in ECM, Document Composition and other legacy applications
The industry-leading support for documents in various legacy and modern formats allows the use of these documents in new ways without changing the upstream legacy applications. Installed composition applications are integrated into the solution to preserve the efforts already made in customer communication. Bi-directional connectors to leading archives ensure optimum customer communication and access to all documents when needed. With an architecture that fits well into an enterprise IT environment, this provides the benefits of a comprehensive solution while still protecting your investment.
Ensure regulatory and data governance compliance. Get document integrity right

Domtrac handles all document-based customer communications. It provides full control over when and how a composition software is activated to create the final documents from raw data. It also collects individual documents from end users and applies the appropriate set of rules to everything.

Flexible production control includes document tracking for all output channels. Business applications are connected throughout the process until a document reaches its recipient.

The integrated accounting and reporting module provides the necessary control and documentation on both a job and document level.

Streamline your Document Management. Reduce costs, improve quality

Domtrac allows management involvement from various departments and stakeholders. Having all output channels in a single multi-channel solution allows to switch delivery channels dynamically.

It provides industry standard process support with domain-specific yet comprehensive workflows enhancing efficiency and reliability. You save costs in production by optimizing postage, going digital, and by moving to an efficient white paper solution.

Supported Input and Output Formats
All popular formats are supported - with product-specific variations. A complete overview is provided in the Compart Matrix (PDF).
Compart Matrix
Domtrac Multi-Channel Document Management
Domtrac facilitates both the implementation of Gartner's ADF 2.0 as well as AIIM's ECM model. It is the only available software offering that achieves this by bringing new technology to existing legacy systems without disruption.

Domtrac is the unique way to combine ECM Input Management and Archives with ADF 2.0 Output Management into a single integrated Document Management Solution

  • Meet ADF 2.0, ECM and Multi-Channel Output Management requirements
  • Protect and extend your investment in ECM, document composition, and other legacy applications
  • Ensure regulatory and data governance compliance. Get document integrity right
  • Streamline your Document Management. Reduce costs, improve quality and respond faster to customer communication demands

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