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Compart and the Corona Virus (COVID-19)

(Update: August 28, 2020)

Dear customers,

Transparency and trust are important values to those of us at Compart.

We would therefore like to briefly explain in the following how we are dealing with the Corona pandemic.

First of all, something fundamental: Business continuity has been an important component of our compliance management, and not just since the corona virus (COVID-19) appeared.

What does that mean in concrete terms?

  • For years, IT for supporting our customers has been housed in two data centers in Germany, 200 kilometers apart, each with more than one Internet connection. Larger branches such as France and the USA also have their own infrastructure.
  • For several years now, we have been using a comprehensive professional infrastructure for video conferences in all meeting rooms, which can also be used from the home office and from remote locations. Our build systems have multiple redundancy and at least five employees are able to complete our software on a computer at home.
  • In mid-February of this year, we set up a "Corona Crisis Staff" which meets daily to review and assess the situation using several different public sources. As we are software experts and not virologists, we have since then been strictly implementing the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), which is responsible in Germany, in particular.
  • At the same time, we have increased the number of home-office capable employees from originally 90 to 100 percent (excluding the canteen and building management). As a first measure, all employees were asked to work from home in the event of the slightest suspicion or their own previous illnesses. Returnees from risk areas were sent to the home office on instruction (since mid-February, approx. ten percent of all employees). In addition, since the end of February we have severely restricted our travel activities and decided that there will be no more ordered business trips.
  • With the closure of the nurseries, schools and universities in Germany on 9 March, we have considerably reduced the operation of our canteen (only counter sales) and instructed almost all employees (also in the rest of Europe and in the USA) to work in the home office. This currently affects more than 90 percent of all colleagues. With these measures, we want to ensure in particular that there is no contagion among colleagues, that social contacts, for example on the way to work, are greatly reduced, and that no one has to take paid or unpaid leave for childcare. We evaluate our sick leave on a daily basis and know that it is below the average of the Federal Statistical Office (DESTATIS).
  • We take data protection very seriously and protect the privacy of each individual. Due to the trustful cooperation of our managers with their teams, we believe we can say with a very high probability that there is no employee who has tested positive.
  • All Compart systems nevertheless process the unusually high volume of data resulting from the current situation (VPN, Remote Meetings) very reliably.

(Update: August 28,2020)

  • Since June 1st, our offices and also our Comparteria are open again under strict hygiene measures. We want to slowly find back to a new normality. On average, about 75% of all employees still work from their home office and this will become the future of our working environment, even if with a slightly lower average.
  • From today's point of view, we assume that Corona, as with most solid IT companies, will not have a significant influence on future business and plan further growth in this fiscal year.


We are convinced that with these measures we have done everything in our power to continue to guarantee smooth support.

Dear customers, rest assured that we will continue to provide you with unrestricted digital support with the same high level of professionalism in these difficult times. This is guaranteed not only by our dedicated employees, but also by our collaboration and communication solutions, which are among the most modern.

We hope that the health crisis and the limitations of our social life will soon be overcome. The economic consequences of this crisis, which will certainly last longer, are not yet foreseeable. Our extraordinarily good liquidity and equity base gives us the financial independence to act with confidence even in times of crisis.

Let us conclude by becoming briefly philosophical: The Chinese character for crisis consists of two parts: One part symbolizes danger or risk, the other the opportunity. In other words: a crisis is a dangerous opportunity. So if we recognize and use the opportunities of crises together, we can develop and grow.

In this sense: Take care of yourself and stay healthy. We look forward to continuing our good cooperation.

With kind regards

The Management Board

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