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A modular single- or full-step approach for optimizing CCM


In 2018, success in every market environment will be dependent upon the ability to navigate a communications landscape that continues to rapidly evolve. This will require strategic attention to development of a plan that ensures your customer communications management (CCM) processes connect with measurable data. The good news is that Madison Advisors has a methodology that can assist organizations with these challenges. It is called optiMA.

Drawing upon years of experience working with top enterprises and leveraging our extensive research and industry data, Madison Advisors is in a unique position to dispense critical insights into today's best practices for CCM optimization within an organization. The optiMA model provides the guidance enterprises are seeking to create an optimized CCM strategy that focuses on delivering an enhanced customer experience and increased customer engagement.

It starts with a current state assessment and information gathering to understand customer communication goals relative to revenue enhancement, cost and risk reduction, technology requirements and customer experience.  

The analyst then works with all key stakeholders across the organization to identify gaps in business processes, technology and staffing so that Madison can understand both strengths and areas that need improvement. Key deliverables include a Target Operating Model (TOM) and a strategic roadmap that provide the enterprise with guidance and organizational direction necessary to implement its CCM optimization initiatives to align with the business and strategic goals identified during the initial phase. Madison also provides objective insight into the proper selection of business partners that ensure the best fit for your specific requirements.

(Source: WhatTheyThink, January 10, 2018)

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