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Free Consultation

  • Talk to experts
  • In person at your convenience
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Our customers say

„Compart provides the responsiveness and customer service of a small agile company yet delivers a product akin to one that a blue chip company would be expected to produce."

Chris Bennett

„Compart understands that there are ways to apply their product beyond what they initially planned and designed. They’re willing to talk through the ideas and create prototypes to make those applications real."

Rodger Smith

„Today, document checking is not only more reliable, but more efficient. In the final analysis, automation allows the employees to better concentrate on the core business."

Roger Fuchs

„The risk of job mix-ups, misprints, and incorrect mailings drops to zero with DocBridge Pilot."

Oliver Helfrich
thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG

„Our project to realign the Output service with comprehensive restructuring of the production processes showed us that the decision to use DocBridge Pilot and the output service close to production was the right one."

Ute van Heek

„DocBridge Pilot is quite scalable and can be integrated into any conceivable IT infrastructure. What really convinced us is how we can modify the performance of the solution depending on how low or high our mail volume is."

Oliver Winkelmann

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