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A generalized solution to manage and optimize output management processes

A wide range of applications generate business critical output management processes and use them for different purposes. It requires a lot of effort to optimize and manage the processes. The result is inconsistent management and optimization, lack of simplicity, difficult error recovery and resource utilization. That can affect the quality of service and increase high operating costs. DocBridge Queue Processor is a system designed to manage the processes centrally for printing or for processing in different ways. It has the capability to receive the jobs from different input channels or from manual submission. A configurable queue management extends the functionality of DocBridge Queue Processor to manage processes and reroute or distribute to different output channels. The architecture is designed in such a way that it can easily be used in a context other than printing.

Print Workflow - Onboarding New Print Jobs

Benefits, Concept and Functions

The Benefits
  • Reduce manual work and make processes more reliable
  • Get real time view of processes on any system and react immediately whenever appropriate or needed
  • Easily interface with existing and new systems
  • Save time and increase productivity
The DocBridge® Queue Processor Concept
In DocBridge Queue Processor, the importing of jobs is decoupled from job distribution. The jobs received from different input channels, are managed in already configured queues, without doing any processing on these jobs. Based on predefined configurations, the jobs are processed and moved to required destinations. For example, multiple PDF jobs are received via LPR channel to a specific queue, and are transferred to an available AFP Printer via IPDS protocol. If printer is not available, then queue keeps that job on hold until the device is available for printing. Based on configuration, the processed jobs are moved into another queue for archiving or those jobs are retained for a specific period of time. Multiple devices having same properties can be grouped together in a single queue and multiple queues can also be defined for different purposes. Depending on the configuration, the jobs can be converted from one format to another format because of tightly coupled integration with DocBridge Mill. The application is flexible enough to provide post processing functionality, so external application can also be integrated for further processing.
DocBridge Queue Processor in day-to-day operations: Use scenario

Print provider needs to process different data streams from a wide variety of channels (e.g., in AFP and PDF format) and prepare the data streams accordingly. Print provider must ensure optimal utilization of equipment and keep ramp-up time to an absolute minimum.

The solution

  • DocBridge Queue Processor accepts jobs and optimizes the data streams
  • Jobs are optimized for performance and transferred to printers
  • PDF files are sent to an IPDS printer via an object container in order to preserve color quality
  • Print jobs with similar attributes are printed seamlessly to save paper, reduce ramp-up times, and best utilize the IPDS print systems
  • Operators control and monitor the jobs via a web-based graphical user interface

The benefits

  • Increased efficiency through optimal data stream preparation to take full advantage of print speed and smart job control
  • Efficient system utilization thanks to a solution to centrally control and manage the entire document output process
  • Full flexibility through support of all market relevant input formats
  • Environmentally friendly and cost-efficient through minimal waste of substrates and paper
  • Ease of operation and fast learning time

The Most Important Functions
  • Various input channels to receive output management requests
  • Invoke processes to deal with documents
  • Distribution, workload balancing and re-routing of jobs to different output channels
  • Automate output management processes to avoid manual intervention
Supported Input and Output Formats
All popular formats are supported - with product-specific variations. A complete overview is provided in the Compart Matrix (PDF).
Compart Matrix

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