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Document creation for print, Web, and mobile devices from a single source

High-Performance Solution for Page-Independent and Omni-Channel-Capable Document Design

DocBridge Impress is a universal and scalable solution for generating uniform documents for page-oriented printing, the Web, mobile devices and email. The software, which supports all physical and digital channels, unites the principal standards for generating and formatting documents under one roof. It is based on HTML5, CSS, Unicode, SVG, XSL and XML, among others. This non-proprietary approach makes the solution eminently sustainable.

DocBridge Impress represents a paradigm shift in document design. Documents are generated independent of a specific (predefined) page size, which means that all documents generated with DocBridge Impress are, per se, omni-channel-capable and universally accessible (barrier-free per PDF/UA and WCAG).

DocBridge Impress supports not only batch but also individual transactional processing without requiring specialized knowledge on the part of the user. The solution supports business logic rules, multilingual documents, and a number of print-oriented functions such as barcodes, impositioning, and metadata.

How Does Document Composition Work?

Watch the video and discover the flexibility of Compart software:

Benefits, Concept and Functions

DocBridge® Impress at a Glance
  • Intuitive creation of source documents in a single format on the basis of the HTML standard
  • Ability to create documents in a designer with quick preview on different devices (WYSIWYM = What you see is what you mean)
  • Advanced runtime system embedded in the other products of the DocBridge family
  • Support of all established output formats for print, Web, and mobile devices
  • Ability to incorporate variable data and logic via XML technologies
  • Comprehensive localization functions including support of source documents in multiple languages
  • Reliable investment thanks to internationally recognized standards
The DocBridge® Impress Concept

In addition to a runtime component for processing documents, the core element of the solution is a document designer. The runtime component combines the underlying data with the layout and generates the output document. With the help of the designer, the user creates documents on an intuitive interface and adds any necessary information for device-specific display.

Moreover, the business logic and other data such as different languages and regions can be separately defined. The final documents can then be converted to HTML and all the other output formats listed in the Compart Matrix (PDF, PDF/UA, AFP, PCL etc.).

Graphical User Interface

The DocBridge Impress Designer features an easy-to-use interface. Users need not know HTML to design their documents.
Because the interface is completely Web-based, there is no need for local installation, plug-ins, or applets.

1. DocBridge Impress Designer:

Docbridge Impress Designer

2. Mobile device preview:

Docbridge Impress Mobile Device

3. Print layout preview:

Docbridge Impress Printlayout Vorschau

Main Benefits
  • Omni-channel-capability (print, Web, and mobile devices) for all devices and email
  • Open standards – no proprietary solution (HTML5, CSS, Unicode, SVG, XSL, XSL-FO, XML, CSV, XPath, and XMP with Dublin Core for metadata)
  • Rule-setting for document generation (business logic, language logic)
  • High performance (several hundred pages per second)
  • Suitable for Cloud solutions
  • Batch and individual processing (transaction) possible
  • Usable via Web services
  • Highly scalable
  • Document preview in real time and for different devices
  • Comprehensive support of multiple languages with separation of language and business logic in a single document
Supported Input and Output Formats
All popular formats are supported - with product-specific variations. A complete overview is provided in the Compart Matrix (PDF).
Compart Matrix

Omni-Channel Document Design

Document design

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