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Quality Assurance for Communication Management

Choose Your Date: May 19th, 2021, 9:00 am ET / or / 3:00 pm ET

What to Expect in the Webinar

DocBridge® Delta will be used to highlight the possibilities, benefits and use cases of a software that can be used to easily run quality assurance comparisons on document output and communication management. This highly specialized software, designed for high throughput and complex documents in many formats, compares different formats to each other (AFP to PDF) while eliminating the need for multiple tools & processes. It’s ideal for regression and iteration testing or preflight analysis for color coverage within documents. It features flexible deployment options such as batch, browser or full RESTful web services support for internal / external applications.

Target Group

This informative webinar is designed for owners, IT professionals, Printers, business users, and document designers in businesses and government agencies interested in making their customer communications more efficient or compliant. Anyone interested in avoiding mistakes in document creation and delivery - because they cost time, money and reputation.


Brian Gasteier, President & CEO Compart North America
Tim McKee, Professional Services Engineer, Compart North America

Language and Duration

English / Webinar duration approx. 45 min

QA Testing


QA Testing Software

Productivity-enhancing QA testing software that analyzes and compares electronic documents and verifies compliance. Test results are presented both visually and in the form of detailed reports. The software is designed for a high level of utilization and supports the requirements of both the development team and professional users. DocBridge® Delta checks for both intentional and accidental changes, and even points out instances in the document that are not visually discernible, but could lead to production difficulties. The software offers two different test models: an interactive interface for ad-hoc tests and the command line-driven call for automation and compares documents of the same format and in different formats.

Brian Gasteier

Brian Gasteier
President & CEO Compart North America

Tim McKee

Tim McKee
Professional Services Engineer, Compart North America

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