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  • Validating MFF Filter Profiles against the Corresponding MFF Schema
Validating MFF Filter Profiles against the corresponding MFF Schema

Validating MFF Filter Profiles against the Corresponding MFF Schema


Compart supported file formats are configured via MFF filter profiles - XML files with the file extension .pro - for each supported file format. These MFF filter profiles are distributed together with XML schema files, one schema file for each MFF filter profile, so that users can validate the MFF filter profiles against the schema files to ensure that any changes have been applied correctly.

To validate a MFF filter profile against its schema in an XML editor, the header of the MFF filter profile has to be edited as follows:

1. The files are distributed with a tilde (~) in the file extension (.pr~ and .xs~ respectively).

Rename the files from .pr~ to .pro and from .xs~to .xsd to edit and use them

2. Edit the root element of the MFF filter profile:

The root element of the MFFPDF filter profile does not contain information about the schema.

<mffpdf xmlns="" version="[YYYYMM]">

To include a reference to the schema, add the following:

xsi:schemaLocation=“ mffpdf.xsd“

The full new root element will look like this:

<mffpdf xmlns="" version="201503"
   xsi:schemaLocation=" mffpdf.xsd">

3. If information entered in the MFF filter profile is not correct based on its schema, this is reported in the XML editor:


If a schema-aware XML editor is used, the user will also get information on additional elements or attributes permitted at specific points in the XML profile file, for example about the fontoptimization element in the MFFPDF filter profile: