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DocBridge Gear - Node.js and TypeScript

Workshop: CP-W3000/en

The functionality provided by DocBridge Gear can be extended by custom worklets. This training provides fundamental Node.js and TypeScript knowledge for customers and partners who want to extend the Compart worklet library by custom worklets.
This training is intended for developers who will write custom worklets.

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  • CP-W3020 DocBridge Gear - Worklet Development
  • CP-W3030 DocBridge Gear - Basics
Content NodeJS - Introduction
- Tools – NodeJS, VSCode & Extensions
- Modules & Packages, npm
- Filesystem
- Events & Promises
- Databases

TypeScript Basics
- Compiler & Configuration
- Classes & Interfaces
- Advanced Types & TypeScript Features
- Working with Namespaces & Modules
- Webpack & TypeScript
- 3rd-Party Libraries & TypeScript
- NodeJS & TypeScript
Based on (software) Node.js, TypeScript
Target Audience DocBridge Gear Worklet Developers
Objectives Participants are able to write custom worklets in TypeScript and use functionality provided by public npm packages in Gear worklets
Requirements (recommended) - General experience/knowledge as a developer
- Preferably experience with JavaScript
Attendees 8 persons (max.)
Duration 1st day: 10:00 - 17:00
2nd day: 09:00 - 16:00
Seminar Dates Upon request
Costs Webinar € 1.200,00 excl. V.A.T. per participant (incl. training materials) participation in the online training via desktop video conference software
Costs On-site Upon request
Notes The workshop includes practical exercises

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