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Multi-Channel Communication: Documents for every Electronic and Physical Channel

Separating creation from output is the basis for multi-channel-capable and format-independent document processing

Are you still generating documents in A4?

Document processing today is still often oriented to the traditional A4 format. This is good for printing and archiving, but not for the modern electronic channels such as smartphones, tablets, and the like. Documents have to be painstakingly deformatted for display on mobile devices and different size displays and converted to an appropriate format – after the application-specific raw data was first converted to readable content and then formatted for the A4 document.

Tedious formatting and deformatting, including rasterization, is normally associated with the loss of semantic structure information required for reuse.

Separating creation from output is more flexible, therefore better. The format and output channel are not specified until output management, ideally in the form of a central instance that prepares all documents for sending.

Multi-channel communication - Document cycle graphic

Separate creation from output and set up a central output management system

What will document processing look like in the future?
At its core is a central output instance with interfaces to the pure data in the specialized applications. It uses defined rules and criteria from the different departments (sales, marketing, service) to determine the data, layout, format and output channel. That is really the only way to efficiently prepare documents of all types for digital and physical communication routes.

By centralizing output and separating it from creation, companies remain flexible to embrace new output channels, becoming true practitioners of multi-channel document management.

Other benefits:

  • Relieves employees of tedious dispatch preparation tasks, leaving them free to concentrate on the core business
  • Consistent overview of the volume of outgoing documents

"You can tell that Compart is a specialist in optimizing data streams, and what’s more, for all standard formats and output channels."

Stefan Unterbuchberger VKB
Stefan Unterbuchberger

Make your document processing fit for true multi-channel communication!

  1. Data stream specialist

    The DocBridge product family supports powerful processing of data streams and documents from a variety of sources and in large quantities. They can be output over all physical and electronic output channels required by the company.

  2. Many years of project experience

    Compart has proven expertise in realigning and modernizing existing document and output management systems (legacy applications).

  3. Investment security

    Compart solutions are based on state-of-the-art technologies (HTML5, PDF/UA), can be seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructures, and are under constant development.

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