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How Sharp Is Your 2020 Vision?

From Scott Gerschwer, Ph.D., Compart NA Marketing


Mailing Data Quality Assurance

Are you ready to offer omnichannel options to drive a better customer experience? I hope so, because none of us are one-dimensional -- and most of us are more than two dimensional. We don’t just like one thing, or two things. We like a whole bunch of things in various categories and to various degrees and at various times in various ways.

With variable data you have incredible amounts of variation. You don’t have enough eyes to verify that the white space is managed with accuracy to the millimeter on the X and Y axis and that every pixel is in the exact right place. With digital delivery the fix may be easier -- but the brand can’t be repaired as fast as it is damaged.

At any given time a given profile can yield 3000 different versions of a 3 page piece that is prepared to be sent out any number of times a month by mail, email, web or mobile, whether or not it is actually sent out. And it all needs to be verified in terms of quality and accuracy.

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