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Document Analysis: Reliable Data with a Click of the Mouse

Validate quality of complex, high-volume documents quickly and accurately

Are your documents ready for reliable and complex production printing?

Detailed information on the structure of a print document is the be-all and end-all of high quality in production printing. Questions to address include:

  • Can the document even be printed on the available system?
  • Does the document need to be created from scratch?
  • Are modifications and changes necessary?
  • Does the file contain all the required specifications for printing (incl. control characters for simplex/duplex, fonts)?
  • How is the color distribution within the file?

The purpose of this kind of document analysis is to avoid misprints and production disruptions.

With professional document analysis software, misprints don't stand a chance!

Companies that print large quantities of complex documents in many different formats (AFP, PDF, PDL, Metacode, PostScript, etc.) often do not have sufficient resources to analyze the files comprehensively. That makes software tools that automatically identify all the data needed for high-speed printing even more important. Information such as:

  • Expected ink consumption
  • Page number/size
  • Embedded fonts
  • Number of structure of images and graphics
  • Simple/duplex printing

One of the most important features: determining the color distribution within a file. These software tools precisely calculate the percentage of required CMYK colors for full-color printing – relative to the individual page as well as the entire document.

The advantage? These results help in estimating printing costs even more exactly. Furthermore, software tools support storing freely definable maximum values for the CMYK analysis. This provides a better basis for determining whether a print job is at all cost-effective. In sum, you have a reliable calculation tool at your fingertips and simplify your document quality control.

Secure document review with Compart

  1. Software

    Compart offers comprehensive analysis tools for complex and extensive documents in all the standard formats.

  2. Workflow

    Compart helps establish the relevant checks along the process chain.

  3. Test methods

    Compart offers solutions for all areas of quality control in document processing (rule-based, template-based, and regression tests).

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