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What is DocBridge Queue Processor?

DocBridge Queue Processor is a system to manage print jobs from a central point. The solution is ideally suited for print centers in small- to medium-sized firms or for print providers with one to four printers. DocBridge Queue Processor is especially designed for high volumes and central bulk production rather than for decentralized printing in corporations, departments, or at workstations. The system supports continuous processing of all incoming jobs regardless of which channels or applications they come from, and prepares them for further processing while optimally utilizing resources.

Print Workflow - Onboarding New Print Jobs

Benefits, Concept and Functions

The Benefits
  • Lower maintenance expenses and less paper waste saves costs
  • Optimal print preparation ensures maximum efficiency through highest print speeds
  • Ease of operation and fast learning curve saves time
  • Integration of legacy and new systems is straightforward
The DocBridge® Queue Processor Concept
DocBridge Queue Processor processes print jobs from various input channels, independent of their allocation to specific output channels. Based on predefined configuration, incoming jobs are automatically assigned to the designated processing queue. Print jobs are optimized prior to printing to ensure an optimal print speed. Print operators can manage all the attributes required for print job production from a web-based graphical user interface. Once the printers are set up (paper, forms, simplex/duplex), the print jobs are sent automatically or if needed also manually to the correct printer. If, for example, multiple PDF and PCL files from different applications need to be printed at the same time, DocBridge Queue Processor passes them on to the appropriate queue, which in turn sends them to available printers. If all printers are busy, the jobs remain in the queue until a printer is available.

All jobs can be monitored and controlled via the graphical user interface. Successfully completed jobs can be post-processed, e.g. for archiving. These jobs are automatically transferred to the appropriate queue.
DocBridge Queue Processor in day-to-day operations: Use scenario

Print provider needs to process different data streams from a wide variety of channels (e.g., in AFP and PDF format) and prepare the data streams accordingly. Print provider must ensure optimal utilization of equipment and keep ramp-up time to an absolute minimum.

The solution

  • DocBridge Queue Processor accepts jobs and optimizes the data streams
  • Jobs are optimized for performance and transferred to printers
  • PDF files are sent to an IPDS printer via an object container in order to preserve color quality
  • Print jobs with similar attributes are printed seamlessly to save paper, reduce ramp-up times, and best utilize the IPDS print systems
  • Operators control and monitor the jobs via a web-based graphical user interface

The benefits

  • Increased efficiency through optimal data stream preparation to take full advantage of print speed and smart job control
  • Efficient system utilization thanks to a solution to centrally control and manage the entire document output process
  • Full flexibility through support of all market relevant input formats
  • Environmentally friendly and cost-efficient through minimal waste of substrates and paper
  • Ease of operation and fast learning time

The Most Important Functions
  • Management of print jobs from different input channels
  • Optimization of print jobs for optimal print speed
  • Document preview in real time
  • Conversion of data streams according to international standards
  • Resource-optimized allocation and bundling of jobs for different output channels
Supported Input and Output Formats
All popular formats are supported - with product-specific variations. A complete overview is provided in the Compart Matrix (PDF).
Compart Matrix

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