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DocBridge® Impress

Digital First Document Creation: All Print, Web and Mobile Devices from a Single Source with Minimal Formatting

At a Glance
Why DocBridge?
  • Interactive Preview in Real Time
    Create modern documents for all output channels directly in your Internet browser. With interactive preview, you can test the appearance of the document on all targeted media as you build it.
  • Personalization
    Generate documents with dynamic content by applying rules of language and business logic, including multilingual options.
  • Single and Batch Processing
    DocBridge® Impress is suitable for interactive single processing as well as high volume batch processing.
  • New Channels? No Problem
    Thanks to a sophisticated architecture, DocBridge® Impress can be scaled to any size and allows future digital channels to be integrated as needed.
  • Seamless Integration
    DocBridge® Impress works with existing software solutions. Application Programming Interface (API) as well as semi- and fully automated processes for software distribution (deployment) as web services are available for this express purpose.
  • Compliant and Barrier-free
    With DocBridge® Impress, barrier-free documents (such as PDF / UA or WCAG-compliant on the Web) can be easily created in compliance with the law.
  • Omnichannel
    Fast and cost-effective access to all existing and future modern, digital communication channels
  • Design Once
    Create a document only once - and distribute it as needed across all channels as desired.
  • Ease of Use
    High standard fidelity, use of HTML5 technology and well-known design principles create web designers universal templates without long training period.
  • Modular Architecture
    Due to the modular concept, the graphical design tool (DocBridge® Impress Designer) and the formatting engine (DocBridge® Impress Engine) can also be used independently as demanded by the application scenario.
  • Open Interface
    DocBridge® Impress has numerous interfaces to process variable data from different sources.
  • Compatibility and Investment Protection
    Of course, DocBridge® Impress relies on the robust features of the DocBridge® family, from bar code generation to a wide variety of output formats, including printing (AFP, PDF, PDF / A, PDF / UA, PCL, ZUGFeRD , ...).
At a Glance

Take a look at the graph beneath illustrating the document production process.

Why DocBridge?

DocBridge® provides high-performance, platform-independent and scalable software solutions for omnichannel customer communication and document management.

  • Experts for Omnichannel Document and Output Management
  • Bridge between the analog and digital document world
  • Digital first: state of the art document generation focused on electronic communication
  • Proven expertise in quality assurance, document conversion and mail bundling/postage optimization
  • Wealth of technology and consulting know-how for batch and individual processing

Headquartered in Germany, the company has been a market presence for 30 years, with subsidiaries and a network of partners in Europe, Africa, and North and Latin America.

Compart helps businesses create, produce and distribute documents using applications for compliant and efficient processing of large volumes of data in batch as well as transaction processes.

The DocBridge® product family that Compart develops, sells and supports covers the document and output management process from start to finish: creation, preparation, and output of information on every physical and electronic channel.

The company enjoys a reputation as a trendsetter worldwide. More than 1,500 customers from a wide range of industries in over 50 countries (including banks, insurance companies, energy suppliers, telecommunications companies, print service providers, public administrations, logistics, and healthcare) use Compart applications.

DocBridge® Impress - Document creation in the web-based editor (Impress Designer) and the composition engine (Impress Engine)

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Digital First: The Future Is Channel-less

DocBridge® Impress is a scalable, cross-platform and cloud-ready software for page and device-independent document composition that is easy to use even by users without profound IT expertise. Documents created with DocBridge® Impress are omnichannel-enabled and accessible according to PDF / UA and WCAG. With DocBridge® Impress, users have quick access to all modern digital communication channels.

DocBridge® Impress is built on established design concepts that employees know, trust, and use every day. The generated documents can be distributed as hardcopy or by email, can be displayed on a Web browser, smartphone and tablet, or integrated into existing portals - with no additional effort.

Documents can be created and sent through all relevant channels and displayed seamlessly on different media: as printed pages, as a PDF in the e-mail attachment, as a responsive HTML page in the web browser and on the smartphone / tablet, via messenger services etc. Every new application needs to be created only once and is available to all media almost effortlessly.

DocBridge® Impress represents a paradigm shift in document composition: it is created independently of a given page size and based on open standards.

  • HTML5 extends to print-relevant functions
  • Custom definition and use of business and language logic
  • Integrated management of templates, images, text modules and other resources for consistent and consistent documents
  • Individual preview for each output channel during creation ("What You See is What You Mean")

With DocBridge® Impress channels become meaningless. Omnichannel means the document can be sent to any channels without making changes to the application.

The future of document production becomes channel-less.

DocBridge® Impress: Omnichannel Document Production

This video shows the power of omnichannel documents created with DocBridge® Impress.
Learn more in the video.

Our Software: Main Functions and Concept

Architecture and Components
Supported Formats
Architecture and Components

DocBridge® Impress

The architecture of DocBridge® Impress separates design and composition. The web-based editor (Impress Designer) and the actual composition engine (Impress Engine) can be used combined or separately. Thus, depending on the application scenario the components can be shared or a direct connection between the Impress Engine and existing applications can be realized via web services.

Document Composition with DocBridge Impress

DocBridge® Impress Designer

With this tool, the user (e.g. text administrator) designs the document (template) via an intuitive user interface and, if required, supplements it with information on the layout for the digital channels or the print output.

The user can define rules for the business logic and determine whether the document should be generally accessible (accessibility according to WCAG standard PDF/UA) and in which languages it should be available.

Also possible:
  • Insertion of a variety of supported barcodes and control characters (OCR, OMR, IT franking)
  • Preview of the document for all conceivable output channels
  • Conversion to desired target formats - any format supported by Compart is possible (HTML, PDF including specifics, ZUGFeRD, AFP, PCL, PostScript etc.)
  • Transfer to other DocBridge® products such as DocBridge® Pilot for further processing and dispatch via the corresponding channels (paper, web, smartphone, tablet, fax, archive)

DocBridge® Impress Engine

The Impress Engine merges the templates created in the Designer or already available elsewhere with the variable data ("raw data") from business applications and creates the finished documents using the defined rules and the provided resources (images, text modules, etc.).

These can be transferred to other DocBridge® products, such as DocBridge® Pilot, for further processing and distribution or dispatch on the desired channels. Of course, storage in archive systems or return to a business application is also possible.


What are the Strengths of DocBridge® Impress?

  • Intuitive document creation
    in the web-based DocBridge® Impress Designer
  • Template creation
    in HTML5 standard
  • Extensible preview
    for different output channels and devices already during creation (different paper formats, browsers, smartphone and tablet types)
  • Easy integration
    of variable data from the file system or third-party applications e.g. via web services
  • Control of language and business logic
    via graphical user interface or directly in the HTML source code
  • Consideration
    of all necessary functions including barcodes and impositioning


uses the templates provided to create and send everyday customer communication efficiently and error-free.

Text Administrator

knows the business processes and defines text modules based on them and the basic rules for communication.

Document Designer

designs the templates interactively in Impress Designer or directly as HTML5 and makes them available to the text administrators from the specialist departments.


Current Releases

The DocBridge® family of products evolves on a regular basis to meet the latest standards, meet customer needs, and deliver future-proof innovation.

All current and past releases can be found in the customer area.

  • Current release:
    DocBridge® Impress 2.1
Supported Formats

Supported Formats

  • AFP
  • HTML
  • PostScript
  • SVG
  • Grid format
  • PDF
  • PCL 6
  • IPDS
  • PCL 5
  • (s. Compart Matrix)

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Usability and Security

DocBridge® Impress can be easily integrated into DocBridge® Central – the common user interface with central user management and common resource management available for more and more Compart products. This offers important advantages to both the business user and the system administrator.

Common User Interface

Central user interface with common "look and feel" as well as convenient single sign-on login with the option to connect to directory services (Active Directory, LDAP).

A&A / Central User Administration

Granular management of user roles and access rights for selected DocBridge® product functions (administrators); an easy-to-use A&A tool (Authentication & Authorization) to protect against misuse and to improve user experience.

Common Resource Management

Individual and team directories for storing resources (templates, documents, images, process definitions), end-to-end versioning, release and monitoring of resources including dependencies, and a staging concept for multiple environments.

Ideal for Cloud Environments

Web-based environment for easy access to DocBridge® products. The modular structure (microservices) enables needs-based extensions of the functional scope - also as containers in cloud environments incl. orchestration.


1 Swisscom: Invoices"on demand"
2 Design for Mobile First (with print in mind)
3 One Source: All Devices
1 Swisscom: Invoices"on demand"

Switzerland's largest telecommunications service provider needed new software for the creation of invoices, which consumers can view directly on their mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.) if required.


DocBridge® Impress is based on the principle of "Digital First - Design Once": Each document is created once on the basis of HTML5 and only converted into the desired output/display format immediately upon retrieval or dispatch.


Much higher performance, significantly lower maintenance costs, and the ability to output each invoice in four languages on all of today's common analog (paper) and digital media "on demand": With the introduction of DocBridge® Impress, Swisscom has set the basic course for Omnichannel customer communication at a high level.

"The great advantage of Compart’s solutions is, in addition to high scalability and performance, above all its flexibility, which is reflected not least in its omnichannel capability."

Philip Achermann Swisscom
Philip Achermann


2 Design for Mobile First (with print in mind)
Objective Aim

A company wants to use electronic media for customer communication. Up to now, document production has been based on the printed page format. We are looking for an innovative solution that combines digital and hard copy communication.


DocBridge® Impress is based on a source format that enables the seamless transition from page-dependent (print) to independent document creation with dynamic text flow (web, mobile).

  • Any change between analog and digital communication – without having to replace legacy applications
  • Seamless integration into existing infrastructure
  • High investment protection
3 One Source: All Devices
Objective Aim

The sales representatives of a service company collect various data on their laptops and want to generate, print and electronically send or archive finished documents while still on site.


With DocBridge® Impress, the document can be created directly for each shipping method in the specialist application. Instead of sending the data to the head office, the document production takes place directly at the service employee.

  • Document only needs to be created once ("Design once")
  • Document is automatically accessible and omni-channel capable
  • Creation and printing of the document takes place offline (no internet access required)

Why Compart?

Expertise for data streams of all kinds

Struggling with digital transformation? Benefit from our over 30 years of experience transforming documents and print data streams


High-performance solutions for modern enterprise Omni-Channel document and output management

Trendsetters and Partners

Member of committees for the standardization of customer communication processes (AFP Consortium, PDF Association, Doxnet, Bitkom, Unicode, AIIM)


More than 1,500 customers in almost 50 countries

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