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Welcome to Compart's Partner Program

Join Compart's Partner Program and benefit from our cooperative approach, professional advice, and extensive support. Gain practical knowledge about our products and solutions to deliver flexible, customer-centric solutions. Position yourself as a trusted advisor and receive ongoing assistance to excel in your role. Together, we can achieve mutual success and exceed customer expectations.

Benefits for Partners

Expand Portfolio Offering
Integrate Compart solutions into your portfolio to reach a wider customer base and increase market share by providing cutting-edge end-to-end solutions.
Additional / Recurring Revenue Stream
Combine Compart technology with your solutions to benefit from an additional recurring revenue stream. The flexible technology of Compart enables you to create new ways of revenue generation.
New Opportunities and Access to New Markets
Partnering with Compart opens doors to new markets, expands your customer base, and creates new opportunities. Enhanced competitiveness leads to higher reach and market share.
Investment Protection
Embrace innovation and creativity through Compart's solutions, resulting in cost savings, higher profits, and increased investment protection.
Improved Reputation
Collaboration with Compart, a strong and trusted partner, helps enhance brand awareness and reputation.
Freedom of Choice
Enjoy high flexibility in partnership types, licenses, and pricing models, providing you with freedom of choice to align with your business strategy.

Value Proposition

Openness: We embrace different types of partnerships and invite you to connect with us to explore the range of possibilities available.


Flexible Pricing and License Models: Take advantage of the opportunity to discuss and customize pricing and license models that align with your specific business needs.


Comprehensive Resources: Access a wealth of helpful resources, including documentation, sales material, and marketing support, to enhance your promotional and sales efforts.


Our Commitment to Trust and Respect: We prioritize fairness, open communication, and collaboration, fostering an environment that nurtures mutual success.

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