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Re-Invent DIY

Compart is re-inventing the Do it Yourself ethos

Back in the day, people used to take pride in their work. They would tinker with new inventions and new ideas and new capabilities and they would fix the things that were broken in their organization. There were true heroes back then.

Compart is re-inventing the Do it Yourself ethos that prevailed before outsourcing and off-shoring, before “stay in your lane” became a corporate mantra. We are making our DocBridge Mill Toolkit generally available for the first time in the USA — and only in the USA.

With 196 commands available, there is virtually nothing you can’t accomplish when it comes to Customer Communication Management or document and content technology. All it takes is your imagination and the willingness to code again. Code like you used to code, back in the day. With Toolkit, you are back in the driver’s seat. Come talk to us about it and you’ll see the light.
If you want a job done right, do it yourself.


Compart Matrix

A complete overview of all supported input and output formats is provided in the Compart Matrix. Compart software solutions enables highly complex, single pass operations with flexibility and reliability for high availability, high volume environments.

Open Compart Matrix (PDF)

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