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Multi-channel enterprise output management

DocBridge Pilot ingests documents from all internal and external sources and optimizes each document for the targeted output file type, regardless of delivery channel or stream. This centralized approach reduces cost and risk while increasing automation and efficiency.

Running a single and centralized output management system helps to mitigate risks and solve compliance issues. DocBridge Pilot provides piece level tracking with a document history and a component check. In addition, it can deliver your output directly to archive, so nothing gets lost, avoiding future compliance problems. You can easily control and optimize your output with DocBridge Pilot.

The DocBridge Pilot solution utilizes a database for document retrieval, converts files only when necessary (to preserve document integrity), applies appropriate rules workflow, schedules as required, then outputs each document to the correct delivery channel for accurate and efficient processing. Additionally, DocBridge Pilot sits on a web services platform, enabling it to talk to your systems natively. It is an ideal solution if you are looking to reduce the cost and maintenance of redundant applications typically required in a legacy workflow or as a result of a merger or acquisition.

Postmaster Magazin - 2013 Product of the Year

Product of the Year Award

The overwhelming majority of these readers selected DocBridge Pilot 3.0 as the ”2013 Product of the Year” in the software and commodities category.

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 „It demonstrated that Compart not only builds future-proof products, but also has the solid migration know-how in such important and sensitive areas as document processing.“

Oliver Simon


Benefits, Concept and Functions

DocBridge® Pilot Features and Benefits
  • Automatically combine and convert different data streams and formats
  • Dynamically and intelligently select documents with similar output criteria
  • House-holding to reduce mail pieces
  • Greater postal optimization on combined files
  • Easy updates of legacy files, allowing contemporary InDesign output to be merged with legacy file formats
  • Fast, easier document regeneration for reprints or subsequent electronic retrieval
  • Insert and onset management
  • Add color or overlays interactively
  • Integrated document searching and viewing
  • Lowers the cost of document processing
The DocBridge® Pilot Concept

DocBridge Pilot keeps a small footprint and converts only when necessary. Documents are kept in their native state, avoiding the overhead of extra processing steps, while retaining the document integrity and ensuring optimal output quality.

DocBridge Pilot analyzes incoming documents and simply extracts content from the page, index information or metadata that is relevant for processing. DocBridge Pilot saves the documents in a central repository and stores the exact location of each document for fast extraction. During a job run, the business rules and SLAs determine which documents get extracted, potentially converted and routed to the appropriate channel.

Additional Functions


Processing does not end with delivery. During print production, documents periodically get damaged and must be reprinted. If a web delivery isn’t accessed after a certain time period, it may get re-routed to print. To properly support the archive, index data and resources must be supplied. And a customer support representative may get a request to resend the latest correspondence. With DocBridge Pilot, you can quickly and easily handle the full range of re-delivery requirements.


DocBridge Pilot has an integrated database that allows for all costs and processing to be captured for use by accounting and invoicing systems.

Supported Input and Output Formats
DocBridge Pilot supports the largest matrix of natively delivered input and output formats. This enables highly complex, single pass operations with flexibility and reliability for high availability, high volume environments. All popular formats are supported - with product-specific variations. A complete overview of supported formats is provided in the Compart Matrix (PDF).
Compart Matrix

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