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Template-Based Document Testing: Automatic Comparison Using Templates

Comparing files of different length and structure makes document quality control more flexible

Do your documents comply with the template?

Every company that conducts personalized advertising campaigns knows the phenomenon: the variety of direct mail variants is exploding. It's not rare for one campaign to use several thousand different versions. It would be futile to try and manually compare every document with the template. The risk of error is too high, especially in light of the growing complexity of mailing campaigns. Nonetheless, document quality assurance must be 100% reliable. Tools for automatic document comparison serve as the technological foundation.

One to many: reliably check documents of any length against templates

What do you do if you need to check a hundred different documents against a certain template but the files differ in length and structure? Conventional tools support automatic document comparison only if the "reference" (template) document and the "candidate" (check file) document have exactly the same number of pages.

1:n comparisons are more flexible, and hence better. The principle: An output file of any length and varying page types is compared page by page to a specified template. The advantage of this one-to-many method: the template (reference) and check file (candidate) need not be identical either in scope or page type. So a 100-page candidate file can be checked against a template of just a few pages with absolute reliability and accuracy.

The automatic comparison of files of different length and structure with Compart

  1. Flexibility

    Compart solutions for automatic document quality control support varying scenarios like direct document comparison, template-based comparison, rule-based testing, etc.

  2. Quality

    Compart solutions analyze the document at the content level, not just the pixel level. The definition of individual parameters and flexible exclusion of variable objects ensure meaningful analysis results.

  3. Variety

    Compart is one of the most experienced specialists in data streams of different types. This know-how is reflected in its document quality control solutions that support all the standard formats.

"DocBridge Delta is a one-of-a-kind tool that is not only powerful and extremely reliable, but is the best fit for our portfolio. It makes document quality control considerably more efficient for our customers."

Rodger Smith


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