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Regression Tests: Quality Assurance in Document Management

Intelligent analysis tools for document quality control of content and visual appearance

Automated document comparison: what changes are truly important?

Even the slightest changes in creating and formatting documents affect layout and content. Whether it's a new font, additional pages, or a new release of the document creation software, you just never know exactly how the modification will impact the quality of the document. More specifically, is every change really relevant for production? A new logo or new font size does not necessarily impact content. Or does it? The problem is that conventional quality programs offer only a visual comparison. Moreover, an analysis at the pixel level is worth little if only five of the 1,000 deviations found are relevant.

Regression tests: professionally verify but not at all costs

The fact is that in high-volume document processing, automatic and reliable quality control is essential; after all, software updates and enhancements are routine in companies. But no company has the resources to manually check a new document (candidate document) against a template (reference document) each and every time a change is made, especially if the different document types number in the thousands. Automatic regression tests are better, because they are faster and more reliable. They check all the changes and upgrades against the existing applications (legacy) without human intervention.

What's really needed:

  • Intelligent analysis tools for document comparison that detect and list each production-relevant deviation
  • Quality assurance programs that check documents not only visually, but also at the object level (content)
  • Software solutions with configurable tolerance limits that are able to exclude sections from the comparison

Regression tests in document quality control with Compart

  1. Intelligent testing

    Compart offers solutions for qualified document content comparison. Pixel comparison is also available.

  2. Tolerant testing

    Compart tools support individual adjustment of accuracy parameters, so documents are checked only for the criteria that are truly important.

  3. Variable testing

    Compart developed its solutions so that certain sections can be excluded from the document comparison, like variable fields such as address, date, customer number.

  4. Test anywhere

    Compart solutions are platform-independent, can handle any data format, and be deployed at any point during document processing.

  5. Test a lot

    Compart solutions are designed for high throughput.

Document Checking Automated Quality Assurance

“Today, document checking is not only more reliable, but more efficient. In the final analysis, automation allows the employees to better concentrate on the core business.”

Roger Fuchs


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