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Central processing of decentrally produced documents with Quality Check

Everyday correspondence is produced at desktop workstations, printed, put into an envelope by hand, stamped and added to the company mail. This small batch printing still takes place in Human Resources, Marketing and Customer Service departments without regard to cost, time or efficiency. Ideally, a seamless workflow would accumulate all kinds of decentralized documents into a central output pool, where they can be digitally comingled and delivered through the desired output channel.

DocBridge FileCab solves the problem of collecting, checking and transferring remotely generated office documents to a company’s centralized production. As part of the print process, documents can be automatically checked against various criteria and rules for brand and quality standards, address accuracy and completeness. DocBridge FileCab even offers an optional review process.

DocBridge FileCab supports all physical and digital channels – e-mail, web portal, electronic mail, mobile devices as well as print, fax, and archive. Using an intuitive graphical user interface for processing and confi guration, the user determines how the office document should be output.

Printing and Sending Office Documents Centrally - Document Processing

Benefits, Concept and Functions

The Benefits
  • Efficient processing of decentralized documents
  • Quality assurance during document processing
  • Improved and accountable production processes
  • Better adherence to corporate design
  • Higher document consistency and quality
  • Greater productivity in document processing and delivery
  • Multi-channel delivery options to email, web, print and archive
  • Cost-minimization for printing and mailing
  • Increased productivity due to the omission of manual printing, enveloping and stamping
  • Easy integration with business office programs
The DocBridge® FileCab Concept

No custom software or applications are required since the check is run right in the user’s office application, substantially raising adaptation and process quality.

DocBridge FileCab consists of two applications:

  • An application locally loaded for collection of documents. This application can be run independently or in combination with a Compart printer driver to output native production file types directly to the production processing systems.
  • A web based interface enabling the review and release of individual documents.

Once the document is checked and released, it is automatically forwarded to central output management and can be archived at the same time. The document is converted into the desired output format and sent via the appropriate print or web channels. And to make archiving easier, metadata extracted from each document is also available to create the index and control files that accompany the input documents.

Additional Functions
DocBridge FileCab accommodates post-production archiving requirements. During submission, metadata about the document can be automatically inserted into each document and used to prepare index or control files used during the archival process. In addition to archival support, it is possible to pass the document to an external service and connect other enterprise systems for complete application integration.
Supported Input and Output Formats
Input formats: any common Office application. All common output formats are supported by the connection to DocBridge Pilot. All popular formats are supported - with product-specific variations. A complete overview is provided in the Compart Matrix (PDF).
Compart Matrix

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