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Your production output changes. Sometimes unintentionally with software or system upgrades and sometimes it changes as part of the document lifecycle. The trick is allowing anyone on your staff to quickly get meaningful feedback that is equally useful for development, copywriters, analysts and even your customers. And doing it exponentially faster and more accurately than a time-consuming, error-prone manual review.

DocBridge Delta is a Quality Assurance productivity solution that compares two digital documents or files to each other and then reports back actionable results. It is designed to have a high degree of usability, supporting the requirements of both the development team and the business users. And it provides highly accurate, thorough results very quickly.

DocBridge Delta is able to test for both intended and unintended changes, even exposing issues not clearly visible but potentially problematic. It is able to compare the same file type or even compare different file types against each other.

The software supports two modes of testing. An interactive interface for ad hoc testing is available in addition to a command line call for automated workflows.

DocBridge Delta respects the different tasks and roles involved in quality process. Different output results can be distributed to the respective functional areas, so the programmers and the proof readers receive appropriate output targeted to their specific requirements.

Document Checking Automated Quality Assurance

„Compart provides the responsiveness and customer service of a small agile company yet delivers a product akin to one that a blue chip company would be expected to produce.“

Chris Bennett


Benefits, Concept and Functions

The Benefits
  • Obsoletes most of the tedious, high manual effort of document QA
  • Ensures that all documents from any source meet the consistent high quality standards of your organization
  • Near instantaneous productivity after installation
  • Creates transparency through meaningful feedback for all levels of users: developer, analyst and business user
  • Faster process captures lost time with better productivity and better results
  • Interface is usable by all roles and responsibilities in output/document management
  • Web-based, behind the firewall installation makes it accessible and easy to maintain
What is DocBridge® Delta?

Automated Quality Assurance must address the simultaneous requirements of usability, productivity and risk mitigation.


By utilizing a web server that sits behind the organization’s firewall, your administrator can activate an unlimited number of users. No proprietary or locally installed software is required either. DocBridge Delta is interactively used through a standard browser, and its output is provided in ubiquitous PDF and HTML formats thus making the results easy to share. Although the software’s default test configuration works “out of the box”, a very powerful, but easy graphical configuration is available to define custom and complex testing requirements.


Employees who spend a lot of time viewing, testing and comparing production output are potentially neglecting their other key responsibilities. If an automation tool is too complex, the effort and time saved is substantially diminished. DocBridge Delta is designed to be intuitive, allowing complex testing with easy configuration, enabling the user to minimize wasted time in each business day.

Risk Mitigation

Mistakes cost more than just money. They lose loyal customers. Mistakes may also lead to unwelcome compliance and legal issues. By having Quality Assurance software in place, mistakes are not only avoided but an important forensic trail can be maintained. Furthermore, the customer can be incorporated more easily into the proofing process, building trust and saving proofing cycles.


Additionally, with DocBridge Delta Analysis module DocBridge Delta offers a separately available tool that automatically identifies important data for high-speed printing (expected ink consumption, number/size of pages, embedded fonts, images, simplex/duplex printing) and applies it to the print process.

One of the most important features is the tool‘s capacity to determine color distribution within a file. DocBridge Delta Analysis calculates the percentage of required CMYK colors for full-color printing (relative to the individual page as well as the entire document). Furthermore, the analysis module recognizes all fonts, images, and graphics as well as the number and size of the pages. These results help in estimating printing costs.

They also shed light on the quality of a file. Can the document even be printed on the available system? Are modifications or changes necessary? Does the document contain all the necessary information (e.g., control characters for simplex/duplex, fonts)? Does the document need to be created from scratch? The ultimate goal is to use this data to prevent misprints and production disruptions.

DocBridge Delta Analysis is designed for high throughput and is particularly oriented to companies that print complex documents in large volumes and in various formats. The tool‘s major advantage is its ability to quickly and precisely analyze complex files.

Typical Areas of Application

Regression Testing

For both custom-developed applications and commercial composition software, any changes or upgrades can be tested against legacy applications.

Iteration Testing

The process of creating a new document requires many steps of programming and subsequent testing. Changes to existing documents also require an iterative modification then a testing process.

Conversion Testing

In enterprises, documents and print files often have to be modified or converted to other formats for production or delivery. Testing the input against the output confirms quality and correctness.

Archive Validation

Content that goes into the document repository must match what comes out to support the legal and compliance requirements.

Estimated Ink Consumption of Print Files

Based on the CMYK color coverage of the print file the estimated ink consumption and the associated costs of the print job production can be determined.

Testing the Color Coverage Against Agreed Thresholds

If a printing center has agreed certain CMYK coverage thresholds with its customers, DocBridge Delta Analysis can monitor that the coverage remains below these thresholds and report any threshold violations.

The Most Important Functions
  • Detects and analyzes differences between 2 output files
  • Analyzes the visual and underlying object structures
  • Returns meaningful feedback for all levels of users: developer, analyst and business user
  • Thin-client solution provides both an interactive web interface and automated call functionality
  • Automates regression testing, iteration testing and archive validation
  • Reports production tests - including metadata, media calls, fonts, color, size and positioning
  • Supports business workflow by providing outputs for designers, programmers and proof readers
  • Different formats can be compared

Typical Use Scenarios

DocBridge Delta delivers extensive functionality through an easy-to-use, web-based user interface. In addition, it can be run from a command line to support automated processes. Both use cases are simultaneously supported.

Visual Document Comparison

DocBridge Delta makes it easy to compare documents by presenting both documents. A “digital light-table,” where the two documents are overlaid, is shown in between the two documents. Bookmarks are used to explain the found issues and link to the particular page. Comments provide an encapsulated record of the compare settings. Additionally, a text output, which is frequently reviewed by a proof reader, is provided to quickly show any issues with the copy. Both outputs, routed to their counterparts, fit a typical production workflow and further increase the speed of the approval process.

Supported Input and Output Formats
All popular formats are supported - with product-specific variations. A complete overview is provided in the Compart Matrix (PDF).
Compart Matrix

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