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Beyond Artefacts, Body Language and Courtesy – The ABC of Intercultural Communication

Prof. Dr. Eckhard Marten

What we say only partly determines how others see us. How we say it and how we behave are much more important. All that is even more critical when we encounter those who grew up in a different culture speaking a different language. In those situations, the “nonverbal” is paramount. This is a 45-minute journey around the world of intercultural communication. We learn why we never offer our left hand to an Arab, why we don’t simply pat an American on the back, and why we don’t present a bouquet of white flowers to an Asian.


Prof. Dr. Eckhard Marten

Prof. Dr. Eckhard Marten studied journalism at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich while also completing the professional editor program at the German School of Journalism. After completing his doctoral thesis on the image of Germany in the US media, he joined the ARD as a reporter and editor, also serving as press officer for a number of well-known companies.  His career path included positions at Landesbank Baden-Württemberg and Allianz, where he most recently served as Communications Director for Allianz Deutschland AG in Munich and Stuttgart. At the same time, he was a lecturer at Hohenheim University. Marten has been a professor of marketing and communication management at the International School of Management in Frankfurt since 2013.


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