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Get Color Right – The Impact of Color Management

Arjen Goldschmidt, CANON EUROPE

Many people underestimate the impact of variables on the quality of color printing. The reproduction of correct CI (Corporate Identity) colors across platforms can be very challenging. The complexity is increased by the use of many modules, resources and output channels. Standardization can only be implemented when the variables are known or their numbers reduced.


Arjen Goldschmidt

Arjen Goldschmidt

Arjen Goldschmidt studied at the Technical School for Graphics in Eindhoven and Fontys University of Professional Education in Eindhoven. He brings more than 25 years of experience in the graphic industry with a focus on digital printing / color management, lithography, offset, and silk screen printing. His current field of activity includes project management, consulting and individual workshops for installations of inkjet- and toner-based continuous printing systems worldwide with a focus on print quality, productivity and cost optimization.


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